Special Application Instructions

2 Students at the Justin Chiu stadium playin Lacrosse At Trent University we welcome students from many different pathways. Non-secondary student applicants are still eligible to apply for undergraduate studies and outlined the requirements for your application below.

International Students

All students are required to have the following for admission to all programs:

  • High School diploma
  • Proof of English proficiency (or conditional admission through Trent-ESL)
  • Minimum grades as outlined in country-specific admissions requirements

For a complete guide to International studies at Trent, visit the International Students Pathway.

Mature Students

Mature students must:

  • Be 21 years or older as of the first day of classes of the session to which you have applied
  • Have been out of full-time secondary or post-secondary studies for at least two years as of the date of entering Trent
  • Not eligible for admission consideration under other admission requirements
  • Can demonstrate academic potential through professional, volunteer activities or other related accomplishments

Please note the completion of the minimum requirements above do not guarantee admission to any course, program or department at the university.

Mature Student Application Steps


Mature student applicants must submit their application online through OUAC within the following timeframes:

OUAC Application Deadlines

Term Date
Winter Term* Late December
Summer Term* Late April
Fall Term Late August

*please note not all programs and courses are offered in winter and summer terms.

Please contact admissions@trentu.ca with any questions about your application.


Mature students require the following documentation for admissions:

  • Official post-secondary transcripts (if applicable)
  • Official secondary school transcript (if attended within the last 5 years)
  • The Mature Student Supplementary Application (available on your myTrent portal under the 'Academics' tab)
  • Resume and letters of reference (optional)

After reviewing your application and supporting documentation, the Admissions Office may request an interview to discuss the combination of your educational and professional experience.

If you have a diagnosed physical, learning or psychiatric disability, you may want to contact the Student Accessibility Services.

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Canadian Indigenous Students

There are two application pathways for Indigenous Canadian Students:

  • Degree Program
  • Indigenous Diploma Program

Degree Program

Indigenous students who have followed a traditional academic path are eligible to apply to Trent directly through the Degree Program application process. 

Please refer to the Admissions Requirements page for a full outline of program prerequisites.

Apply Online

All applications for undergraduate studies at Trent University must go through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC).

For more information about applying through OUAC, including application tutorial videos, please visit: www.ouac.on.ca


Self-identifying your Indigenous ancestry on your OUAC application helps to ensure we offer the best cultural and support services possible. Contact First Peoples House of Learning for more information:www.trentu.ca/fphl

For more information about applying through OUAC, including application tutorial videos, please visit: www.ouac.on.ca

Indigenous Diploma Program

The Indigenous Diploma Program at Trent University is a program for applicants of Indigenous ancestry who wish to pursue university level studies, and who may not have taken a traditional academic path towards post-secondary education and may benefit from studying in a supportive academic atmosphere for Indigenous students.

Program Overview

There are two program options in the Diploma Program: Foundations of Indigenous Learning or Indigenous Environmental Studies

Students admitted to the program will take at least eight university credits over two years. After successfully completion of these credits, students will receive a diploma in either the Foundations of Indigenous learning Diploma or Indigenous Management and Economic Development Diploma  

Upon successful completion of the Indigenous Diploma Program, credits earned can be applied directly to a university degree at Trent.  Most students can complete the balance of a 3 year B.A. or a 4 year Honours degree in one or two more years of study.

All Indigenous Diploma Program students must take full-time studies over the course of the program.

Current Secondary Students

You are a current secondary student who self-identifies as being of Indigenous ancestry who has followed a non-traditional academic path. 

You will fill out a “101” form on the OUAC website (OUAC), identifying the Indigenous Diploma Program from the drop down menu as your program choice.  You will also be required to fill out an Indigenous Diploma Program Supplementary Application, and will submit that form directly to Trent University.

Non-Current Secondary Students

You are not currently enrolled in secondary school. You self-identify as of Indigenous ancestry and have not followed a traditional academic path towards post-secondary education. You may be a mature student, or a student who has experienced extenuating circumstances you feel impacted your academic success over the course of your academic history.

Students who identify as non-current secondary students of Indigenous ancestry will fill out the 105-D form on the OUAC site, identifying theIndigenous Diploma Program from the drop down menu as your program choice. You will also be required to fill out an Indigenous Diploma Program Supplementary Application, and will submit that form directly to Trent University.

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Home Schooled Students

Trent University is committed to alternative forms of education and the contributions these experiences bring to our university.

Students who have been home schooled or have attended a secondary school not accredited by the Provincial or State Ministry of Education should apply using the same application process as other students.

Applicants will be considered on the basis of independent evidence of academic achievement which may include high school grades, correspondence courses, college courses, and other pertinent accomplishments.

Applicants must provide a portfolio that includes:

  • An official transcript with grades received (if available)
  • Grade 12 course outlines (including a list of course texts and method of evaluation)
  • Sample of written work at the Grade 12 level, which includes the instructor’s comments and grade (i.e. a Grade 12 English essay)
  • Results of standardized tests (if available) such as:
    SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests
  • AP Examinations (if applicable)
  • Advanced Level course examinations in the General Certificate Education (minimum of two for consideration) (if applicable)
  • Students applying to specialized programs such as Forensic Science, Education, Nursing and some Science programs must complete the Ontario 4U level courses (or approved equivalents) in the prerequisite courses through a province/state Ministry of Education approved institution.
  • Must provide proof of English Proficiency where required

Note: Home Schooled applicants may be asked to attend an interview with a member of the admission staff

Admission Requirements

Before submitting your application to OUAC, check Trent’s Admission Requirements to ensure you meet the degree prerequisites.

Apply On-Line

All applications for undergraduate studies at Trent University must go through OUAC (www.ouac.on.ca). Please refer to the OUAC website for full application fee information.

As a Home Schooled applicant, please apply using the OUAC 105-d application at www.ouac.on.ca/105.

Application Received

Once your completed application has reached Trent through OUAC, Trent will mail you a small package as well as send you an email (to the email address listed in your OUAC application) as an official acknowledgement of your application.

The package and email will list important next steps for you regarding the Trent University application and admissions process. Some important steps to think about include: reviewing your program requirements and the accuracy of your OUAC application,setting up your MyTrent account, tracking your application, researching funding opportunities at Trent, among other great information.

If you have a diagnosed physical, learning or psychiatric disability, you may want to contact the Office of Disability Services.

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College or University Transfer Student

Check the application deadlines and admission requirements for transfer students

Apply on-line at the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) website using the 105 form.

Supporting Documentation

Transfer students must submit the following documentation along with an application to Trent through OUAC:

  • All official post-secondary transcripts from institutions attended
  • Official high school transcript (if have attended high school within the last 5 years)

Please send all supporting documentation to:

Trent University
Admissions Office, Blackburn Hall
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, ON Canada
K9L 0G2

You may need to submit a supplementary application if extenuating circumstances affected your previous studies.

Transfer Credit Assessment Process

After applying to Trent University, you may be required to submit additional supporting documentation. Document requirements will be posted on your myTrent portal account.

When successful applicants are extended an Offer of Admission, they will also be notified of their preliminary or final transfer credit evaluation through the myTrent portal.

 Course syllabi from previous post-secondary institutions may be required to complete the transfer credit assessment.

 Transfer credit assessments may take up to four weeks after course syllabi are submitted.

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Incoming Student on Letter of Permission

Trent University welcomes visiting students wishing to study on a Letter of Permission. To do so, please obtain a Letter of Permission from your home institution and then apply to Trent as a Letter of Permission student here. Note: you must select the "Create Account" option

To view the courses offered at Trent University, please visit our Academic Timetable.

Once you have completed your application and been admitted, follow the registration instructions that will be emailed to you.

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Courses for Grade 12 Scholars

If you are a high achieving student in high school, you may be eligible to enrol in a course at Trent University, starting in January of your Grade 12 year. Upon successful completion, you will have a Trent University credit, which may be applied towards your Trent degree. The credit you achieve may also be transferable to other universities.

No matter where you decide to pursue your post-secondary studies, Trent can help you explore your options now and get a head start.

Available Courses

There are many courses options available to you. Below are some examples:

  • Psychology 1020H - Introduction to Psychology Part 1: Experimental and Biological Bases of Behaviour
  • Sociology 1001H – Introduction to Sociology I: Critical Foundations
  • English Literature 1000Y – Introduction to English Literature

Please visit the Academic Calendar for course descriptions: www.trentu.ca/calendar

How to Apply

Special permission from your school principal is required. To find out how to apply, contact Manager of Admissions.

Program Fees

Eligible students are not required to pay course fees.  Students are responsible to purchase course textbooks.

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