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Huge archaeological finds in a desert area studied by Trent's Archaeology p

Future Students

Huge archaeological finds in a desert area studied by Trent's Archaeology p

Classical Archaeology

 20.0 credits, including the following 10.0 credits:

  • 1.0 credit from ANTH 1001H, 1002H, 1010H, 1020H (or 1000Y), or ANTH-AHCL 1030H (or AHCL 1001H)
  • 1.0 AHCL credit consisting of AHCL 2102H and 2105H (or 2100Y)
  • 1.0 ANTH credit consisting of ANTH 2121H and 2122H (or 2120Y)
  • 1.0 credit consisting of ANTH-AHCL 2205H and 2206H (or AHCL 2200Y)
  • 1.0 credit from ANTH 3000Y, ANTH 3151H and 3152H (or 3150Y), or ANTH-AHCL 3850Y; or from equivalent field or lab experience
  • 0.5 credit from ANTH-AHCL 4003H, or from AHCL 4001H or 4002H in an archaeological subject – 4.5 credits in addition to the above, all from at least three of the four Categories A, B, C, and D, including at least 2.5 AHCL credits
  • ANTH 3100Y is strongly recommended

Category A New World

  • ANTH 3112H (3110Y)
  • ANTH 3121H (4120Y)
  • ANTH 3750H*
  • ANTH 4130Y*
  • ANTH-CAST-INDG 4155H (4151Y)
  • ANTH 4710H (3710H)

Category B Old World

  • ANTH-AHCL 2201H
  • ANTH-AHCL 2205H (2200Y) 
  • ANTH-AHCL 2206H (2200Y) 
  • ANTH 3180H (3120Y) 
  • ANTH-AHCL-HIST 3221H (3220Y) 
  • ANTH-AHCL-HIST 3222H (3220Y) 
  • ANTH-AHCL 3240H 
  • ANTH-AHCL 3250H 
  • ANTH-AHCL 3251H 
  • ANTH-AHCL 3252H 

Category C Methods

  • ANTH 3000Y
  • ANTH 3151H (3150Y)
  • ANTH 3152H (3150Y)
  • ANTH-BIOL-FRSC 3420H (3415Y)
  • ANTH-FRSC 3430H*
  • ANTH-AHCL 3540H (4410H)
  • ANTH 3650H
  • ANTH-ERSC 3680H
  • ANTH 3731H (3730Y)
  • ANTH-AHCL 3850Y
  • ANTH 3995H
  • ANTH 4140H*
  • ANTH 4150H
  • ANTH 4420H
  • ANTH 4430H

Category D Comparative Approaches

  • AHCL 3101H
  • ANTH 3170Y*
  • ANTH 4170H
  • ANTH-SAFS 4350H

*no longer offered

Degree Type

  • B.A.
  • B.A. (Honours)
  • B.Sc.
  • B.Sc. (Honours)