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DNA molecule stained purple by Trent Biology students

Future Students

DNA molecule stained purple by Trent Biology students

Conservation Biology

The Specialization in Conservation Biology is designed to provide students with theoretical and practical training in the conservation of living organisms. It capitalizes, in part, on the expertise and activities of collaborating regional, provincial, or national agencies such as the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Toronto Zoo, and regional Conservation Authorities. A distinctive feature of the Specialization is the opportunity for an internship with a collaborating agency.


  • BIOL 4400Y: Internship in Conservation Biology. Students must apply in the academic year before enrolment in the course. Applications can be obtained online at trentu.ca/biology/forms.php. Enrolment is limited and competitive.


Graduating students who have fulfilled the requirements for an Honours degree in Biology may apply for a Specialization in Conservation Biology if they have successfully completed the following 6.0 credits:

  • 2.0 BIOL credits consisting of BIOL-ERSC 2260H, 3380H, BIOL 3620H, and 4390H
  • 1.0 BIOL credit consisting of BIOL 4400Y (must apply by April in year prior to enrolment)
  • 3.0 credits from the following:
    • BIOL 2600H
    • BIOL 3050H
    • BIOL 3090H
    • BIOL 3140H
    • BIOL 3170H
    • BIOL 3190H
    • BIOL 3340H
    • BIOL-PSYC 3360H
    • BIOL 3500H
    • BIOL 3850H
    • BIOL 3851H
    • BIOL 3852H
    • BIOL 4110H
    • BIOL 4140H
    • BIOL 4150H
    • BIOL 4180H
    • BIOL 4200H
    • BIOL-ERSC 4240H
    • BIOL-ERSC 4330H
    • BIOL-FRSC 4510H
    • BIOL 4520H
    • BIOL 4610H
    • ERSC-SAFS 2350H (3350H)
    • ERSC 3160H
    • ERSC 3200Y
    • ERST-PHIL 3301H (3300Y)
    • ERST-PHIL-SAFS 3302H (3300Y)
    • ERSC 3510H
    • ERSC 4520H
    • ERSC-GEOG 4640H
    • ERST-CAST-HIST 4670H
    • ERSC/ERST 4801H (4800Y)
    • ERSC/ERST 4802H (4800Y)
    • ERST 4810H 

Program Coordinator

P. Wilson, BSc, MSc, PhD (McMaster)

Degree Type

  • B.Sc. (Honours)