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Future Students

Gavel on a desk in front of a wall of books

Legal Studies (Option)

The bases of large exterior columns in a row on a tiled floorComplement virtually any B.A or B.Sc. degree with this series of courses designed to give you a basic understanding of the legal system in Canada and Canadian Law.

An option is a “mini-minor” – a set of courses in one discipline that can be completed in conjunction with any undergraduate degree program, allowing you to focus on an additional subject of interest.


You can apply for an Option in Legal Studies to the Office of the Registrar if you have successfully completed 4.5 credits from the specified courses listed below.

  • 3.0 credits consisting of FRSC 1100H, FRSC 2100H, PHIL 1200H, PHIL-POST 2150H, POST 2011H, and WRIT 1001H
  • 1.5 credits from ERST 3250H, FRSC 2110H, IDSTSOCI 3120H, INDG 3401H, INDG 3402H, PHIL-POST 3140H, POST 2012H, POST-CAST 3091H, POST-CAST 3092H, SOCI 2610H, SOCI 3601H, or WMST 3962H