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A gavel sitting on an open book on a table

Future Students

A gavel sitting on an open book on a table

Law & Policy

A woman smiling at the camera sitting in a row of chairs in between 3 other poeple who are out of focusGain an understanding of the legal system in Canada by pursuing this series of courses that will allow you to critically reflect on legal and policy questions, as well as address and debate advocacy and public issues. 


To earn this emphasis, you will need to fulfill the requirements of a General or Honours degree in any subject as long as you have successfully completed 6.0 credits from the courses listed below. These must include at least 1.5 credits from Category A and at least 1.5 credits from Category B.

  • Category A (Policy): CAST-GEOG-POST-WMST 2245H CAST-HIST-INDG 2255Y, 2256H, 3335H CAST-HIST-POST 2215H, 2225H, 4771H, 4772H (4770Y) CAST-POST-SOCI 3000Y, 3665H CAST-SOCI-WMST 4551H ECON 3020H, 3110H, 3120H, 3160H, 3410H, 3510H, 3840H ECON-ADMN-IDST 3310H, 3330H ECON-CAST 2610H ECON-ERSC 3810H ERST-CAST 2525H, 3780H ERST-CAST-HIST 4670H ERST-CAST-POST 3120H (3100Y) ERST-IDST-POST-SAFS 3602H, 4610H ERST-POST 2100H HIST 3150Y/3151H IDST 3100Y, 4120H, 4220Y IDST-ANTH 3790Y IDST-ANTH-GEOG-SOCI-SAFS 2500H (2210Y) IDST-ANTH-SAFS 2600H (2210Y) IDST-CAST-POST 4240Y IDST-GEOG 4130H IDST-POST 3220H, 4260H IDST-POST-SOCI 4230H INDG-POST 2000Y PHIL-POST 3180H POST 1001H, 1002H (1000Y), 3170H, 3200H, 3280H, 3420H POST-CAST 2011H, 2012H (2010Y), 3210H, 3260H, 4055H, 4081H, 4082H POST-CAST-GEOG 4555H POST-CAST-INDG 3015H POST-SOCI 3820H POST-WMST 3360H, 3881H SAFS 4100H SOCI 2220H, 2610H (3610Y), 2630H (3630Y), 3410H, 3601H, 3631H (3630Y), 3661H (3660Y), 4620H WMST-NURS 2121H WMST-CAST-HIST 2711H WMST-CAST-POST 4431H
  • Category B (Law): ADMN 3250H ANTH 2040H CAST-POST 4460H ERST 3110H, 3250H, 4250H ERST-IDST-POST 3603H FRSC 1100H HIST 3381H HIST-FRSC 3711H, 3751Y, 4751Y IDST-SOCI 3120H, 3121H INDG 3401H, 3402H (3400Y) PHIL 1200H (1005Y) PHIL-POST 2150H, 3140H POST-CAST 3091H, 3092H SOCI 4270H WMST-CAST-POST 3962H WMST-CAST-SOCI 3966H

Program Coordinator

N. Changfoot, BA (York), MA (Carleton), PhD (York) 705-748-1011 ext. 6002 politics@trentu.ca