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Future Students

People walking across a busy street, out of focus

Global Power & Politics

A board room of people standing in a circleThis emphasis will enable you to develop a critical understanding of the formal, informal, visible and hidden structures of power in the global age and the mechanisms that propel global power and politics. 


To earn this emphasis, you will need to fulfill the requirements of an Honours degree in addition to successfully completing the following 5.0 credits:

  • 1.0 credit from POST 2200Y or 2230Y
  • 2.0 credits from 3000-level POST (GP) courses or HIST 3150Y/3151H or POST-WMST 3881H/4881H (3880Y)
  • 2.0 credits from 4000-level POST (GP) courses
  • The following courses carry the designation “GP” in Political Studies: POST 2200Y POST 3200H POST-CAST 3210H POST-SOCI 3230Y POST 3240H POST 3905Y/3906H POST 3960Y POST 4030Y POST 4200H POST-SOCI 4210Y POST 4340H POST 4905Y/4906H POST 4960H

Program Coordinator

M. Neufeld, BA (Waterloo), MA, PhD (Carleton) 705-748-1011 ext. 7802 mneufeld@trentu.ca