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History M.A.

History professor holding up an old book at a table surrounded by students with a whiteboard in the backgroundThe Trent University History M.A. offers unique fields of specialization, a close working relationship with award-winning graduate faculty, a structured approach, flexibility, intellectual rigour, and individualized guidance in a small class setting. The program seeks to provide students with a firm grasp of history, both as a scholarly discipline and as an applied profession. It expands their knowledge of historical theory and methods; it develops their research and analytical skills; it guides them in conceptualizing, designing, and carrying out major research projects based on extensive work with primary sources.

Trent M.A. graduates will be finely equipped for doctoral work, teaching, or non-academic professions that call for the ability to understand and interpret history.

Rigorous, Supportive, Flexible

The Trent M.A. Program is demanding and intense. It suits students who appreciate challenge and wish to benefit from close scholarly association with their supervisor and other graduate faculty. 

The quality of scholarly instruction and ready access to faculty make Trent one of Canada's leading universities. The program encourages students to develop personal research interests and goals, promotes independent research, and demands originality.  It teaches the historian’s craft, from project design, advanced research techniques, and methodology to concise and well-argued scholarly communication. The program stresses theoretically grounded analysis and effective presentation of historical material.

The philosophy and physical setting of the Program encourage interaction among graduate students. Different forums and platforms for intellectual discussion are available within the History Program, in cognate graduate disciplines at Trent (Public Texts, Canadian Studies, Indigenous Studies, as well as Theory, Culture and Politics) and in the university at large.

Degree Type

  • M.A.

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