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Future Students

2018 Student: Maureen Churipuy - Medical Professional Stream

"I like how the Medical Professional Stream really helps you know that you need to start early in your first year and I’m have meetings with people to talk about volunteering and things I need to do, steps I need to take, that will help my application later on."

2018 Student: Melissa Vanbussel - Mathematics

"In the summer after my second year, I was granted an USRA, which is an Undergraduate Student Research Award. And having this award was much like having co-op. I was able to work with my professor and gain skills in my discipline as well as learn a lot of things that I would be able to use in my upper year courses."

2018 Student: Johnathan Sheehan -Bachelor of Social Work Honours

"The Trent Social Work program is really awesome. The thing that I loved about it was that it is very feminist-based and really about inclusion and making sure that everybody gets a fair shake and a fair opportunity. That is what drove me to really want to be a part of this program."

2017 Student: Joanna McMurchy - Nursing

"In Nursing, I have the opportunity to go out into the real world and practice my skills in many different settings. I've been able to work in long-term care settings as well as a maternity ward. In class we focus on the practical with weekly labs in the DNA building working with simulation dummies, and we have theory based courses so we learn what it's really like to be a nurse."

2017 Student: Emily Quesnel - Journalism

“The Trent/Loyalist Journalism program prepared me for the Gzowski internship and for the workforce by getting me more confident in things like approaching people, making cold calls, talking to people about different topics, knowing how to research things, and just being overall more confident in the way that I approach different tasks.”

2018 Student: Clara Reeves - Political Studies

“Political Studies is an amalgamation of Canadian Studies, International Development Studies, and your core philosophical foundation of politics. There's a lot of theory base in it and it's just a great foundation for you to be able to go from all sorts of different domestic and international politics after graduation.”

2017 Student: Christina Annalise von Bulow - Geography

“The best part of my program was definitely the fact that I got to complete an honours thesis. I did it in the Trent Environmental Wind Tunnel and I got a lot of hands-on experience working in the wind tunnel and actually turned into a research assistant job for me in the summer. It was really awesome that I got that opportunity and then got a continuing opportunity after!”

2017 Student: Emily Morgan - Water Sciences

“Not only is Trent the number one school in Canada for Environmental Science, but we also have this awesome campus to use right at our fingertips. Everything that we do is pretty hands-on, and it's really teaches us techniques that are transferable and adaptable to different career paths we might have.”

2017 Student: Kristina Dergacheva - International Political Economy

"International Political Economy is a major at Trent that inspires you to do great things in life. It can sound a little bit complicated because you don't know whether you're studying economy or politics but its a mix of both; it's a healthy mixture that helps you to understand development and how economy plays a role in International development."

2017 Student: Thomas Morningstar - Bachelor of Education - Indigenous

"Being in Indigenous Studies and being Indigenous myself, I thought what better way to advocate for our youth than be a teacher. You know, help them succeed. They’re our next-generation chiefs and our next-generation of bankers, our next generation of teachers themselves."