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Future Students

2015 Student: Cassidy Eames - Social Work

"One of the things that I’m really looking forward to in the professional years of the program is the 700 hours of experience with individuals and with organizations in Peterborough or Durham. I think that those years are really going to be a set foundation for my career as a social worker." 

2015 Student: Hillary Stafford - Pre Law

"Trent helped me to come out of my shell a lot; the environment here was very encouraging and I made a lot of new friends that encouraged me to do what I wanted to, and that really helped with me deciding to apply to Law school."

2014 Faculty: Dr. David Roy Newhouse - Aboriginal Studies

“A critical factor in improving Aboriginal students’ academic success is the presence of teachers who understand how Aboriginal students learn and the challenges that they face.”

2014 Student: Faith Myesigue - Environmental & Resource Science / Studies

"The setting and the people here in Peterborough and the people at Trent that you'll get to meet make the experience even more amazing."

2014 Student: Reba Harrison - Gender & Women's Studies / Business Administration

"The best advice I can offer to students that want to take the joint major - or single major, or anything at Trent University - is that it is never too late to change your mind."

2014 Student: Katie Allen - Joint Major (Business Administration & Environmental Studies)

"While I was at Trent I wanted to try as many different courses as I could, and I just fell in love with Business and Environmental Studies."

2014 Student: Connor Walsh - Biology

"The thing with biology is that there is still so much that we have yet to learn. It's a field with a lot of opportunities and a lot of variety for subjects that you can study."

2014 Student: Liza Calhoun - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

"Choose a school that fits your passion. Find something that you enjoy doing and follow that."

2014 Student: Nick Ashmore - English

"My favourite thing about the Durham campus is all the different clubs and the different events that are going on."

2014 Student: Meghan Hagedorn - Education

"One of the things that I'm most excited about for my future in being a teacher is providing the sort of role model that my profs here have provided for me."