Living on Campus

The Trent College Residence Advantage

What makes Trent's college residence experience so exceptional? There’s a long list, but let’s start with the top five:

  1. THIS IS WHERE A COMMUNITY OF SCHOLARS BECOMES A SOCIETY OF FRIENDS – you’ll meet students from your program, in other programs, from Canada and around the world.
  2. YOUR SPOT IN RESIDENCE GUARANTEED – complete the application requirements by the deadline and we’ll save you a room. You can choose from single, double or triple rooms, traditional and suite style. The choice is yours…you can even choose your roommate!
  3. EVERY SUPPORT YOU CAN IMAGINE IS LOCATED RIGHT HERE ON CAMPUS – academic advising, health services, career mentoring, and the college office. On campus you can find it all.
  4. FLEXIBLE CAMPUS DINING PLAN – spend your dining plan dollars on campus or downtown, on everything from cafeteria-style food to vegan and international cuisine.
  5. MAKE YOUR RESIDENCE EXPERIENCE TRULY PERSONAL AND JOIN ONE OF OUR LIVING LEARNING​ COMMUNITIES – choose from academic communities like nursing, business and law, or interest-based communities like active living, leadership and expressions.