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Exterior view of Gzowski College bulding in the summer time around mid-day

Future Students

Exterior view of Gzowski College bulding in the summer time around mid-day


Peter Gzowski College

Take a look at Gzowski College: Trent’s youngest college!

Aniin. She:kon. Tansi. Boozhoo. Koolamaalsii. Welcome!

Located in Enwayaang, a building whose name means "the way we speak together", Peter Gzowski College is a place that fosters respectful dialogue about issues that affect our everyday lives.  For example, it is at the intersection of marketplaces and sustainability, or economics and Canada's Indigenous Peoples, or research and lived experiences, that we find inspiring, complex, and meaningful stories.  In fact, Enwayaang is home to both Gzowski College and First Peoples House of Learning – truly a shared experience that is defined by the way we speak together.

Illustrated interior of Gzowski College bedroom

Much like the Canadian broadcaster and journalist for whom the college is named, Gzowski College offers a unique blend of light-hearted fun and thought-provoking connections.  Throughout a distinguished career at the CBC, Peter Gzowski engaged Canadians in talking together about any manner of topics from whimsy to heartache, playful to intellectual.  

To honour this legacy, Gzowski College is a place that is meant to unite the community’s original roots with the new members who will define its future. Students at Gzowski College pursue their passions in the same way their college namesake followed his passion for Canada, its culture, the north, Aboriginal people, and the environment.  We are open to all students, including a wide range of cultures, identities and experiences – all you need is a willingness to engage in dialogue across these differences.

Environmental sustainability, fair trade and Indigenous ways of knowing are some of the themes that guide us.  Watch for annual events such as a trip to the Curve Lake Pow Wow, a Ten Thousand Villages craft fair, discussions in our on-campus Tipi, and a winter college weekend that features activities in the snow. We also collaborate with our other neighbours in Enwayaang (the Departments of Indigenous Studies, Economics, Mathematics, Business Administration and the Office of Research) to bring you speakers and events.  Students in all disciplines are welcome!

Drawing on teachings from First Peoples House of Learning, the colours of the building are derived from the four colours of a medicine wheel:  yellow, red, black and white and the design was guided by a vision statement: honouring the land, creating a respectful community, and acting as a beacon. 

The ground floor of the building is open to create a sense of sitting gently on the land.  The Atrium is open to students to sit and study, grab a bite, and check out the latest in Gzowski news. It’s also where you’ll find classrooms and the First People’s Lecture Hall, the Nozhem Performance Space, the Ernie and Florence Benedict Room (Gathering Space) and other ceremonial spaces both indoors and out.  Your elected student government, the Gzowski Student Cabinet, also has an office located on the lower level.

The dining hall is open to all members of the Gzowski community as a place to grab a bite to eat, hang out with friends, or simply study.  Off campus students are encouraged to participate in all college activities – college life is for everyone, regardless of where you live!

For students who choose to live on campus, the Environmental Sustainability Living Learning Centre is one of our residence communities and is something you might consider.  It is an amazing place to connect with like-minded students. The people who live here are actively engaged in exploring environmental issues, discussion about social change, and learning about ways of improving sustainable living.  “Thinking globally and acting locally” has become a cornerstone this unique experience.