Lady Eaton College

For more than five decades, Lady Eaton College has stood for blending tradition with an ongoing effort towards equality, fun with hard work, and physical activity with thoughtful reflection.  The college is named in honour of Flora McCrea Eaton, who helped support the university during its founding.

Exterior of Lady Eaton College in the sring around mid-day

The college has a creative energy, a passion for our local community, and a commitment to self-expression.  Inspired by the values of social justice found at the core of social work, and gender studies, Lady Eaton is a place that looks to understand how abstract concepts can be translated into practical social change.  Drawing on disciplines like history, philosophy and modern languages, our community understands how we can be defined by the words we choose, and yet strive to go beyond these through things like music, art and spirituality. 

Regardless of what discipline you study, all students are welcome to be a part of our interdisciplinary environment that encourages the coming together of all students regardless of their academic interests. Lady Eaton College is a place to meet new friends and grow as a student, and it acts as a home base for members of the college who live both on- and off-campus.

The residences of Lady Eaton are home to two living learning communities (LLCs): Artistic Expressions, and Leadership & Civic Engagement.  Each is a unique community of like-minded individuals that is designed to help the students who live there to quickly feel connected.  Activities offered in each LLC give students a chance to explore their interests in greater depth, learn from each other, and have a university experience that is rich and inspiring.

The facilities of the college are open to all students and used to host a wide range of workshops, discussion groups, dinners, presentations and other activities.  Of course, there are also places to study and hang out with friends. The Junior Common Room features a pool table, a community kitchen that can be signed out for special events, two TV rooms with sofas and chairs, and a quiet study area.

Our beautiful quad is enclosed by two wings that house residence students on the upper floors and faculty offices on the ground floor.  The dining hall features an expansive wall of windows looking into the quad where students play, read and spend time with friends.  In all seasons, the natural beauty of this spaces is breathtaking.  The dining hall is also used for formal dinners and special events, and has its own piano room.  In 2015 the food service operation was renovated to provide contemporary services to a wide range of dietary needs.

Lady Eaton also has a Senior Common Room, a unique space for faculty and staff, which hosts students at special meetings and more formal discussions.  Along with several classrooms, the college also houses a multi-faith prayer space, and the offices of the Dean of Arts and Science.

Music can often be heard throughout the college, which has three pianos, the Vaisey Music Library, and a music room suitable for group practice.  It is also adjacent to a tree covered drumlin, one of seven such geological features in Peterborough.