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Physics at Trent University

Future Students

Physics at Trent University



Benefit from a small-group, highly interactive learning environment, with access to the latest, state-of-the-art equipment for lab work.

Imagine studying the structure of galaxies, developing new technology in high-speed communications, or contributing to the advancement of medical science. As a student of Trent’s Physics program, you’ll learn to bring abstract yet powerful concepts to life, ask important questions about the most basic particles and forces in nature, and apply what you learn to complex systems such as novel quantum materials and celestial bodies. With a Physics B Sc. degree, you can potentially help shape and advance our understanding of the world as we know it.

Degree Type

  • B.Sc.
  • B.Sc. (Honours)

The Trent Advantage

  • Put your knowledge into action through hands-on research in courses, a senior thesis or summer research project with a leading faculty member
  • Join (or lead) the Trent Physics Club and expand your Physics knowledge and skill through lab tours, events, and participating in the annual Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference
  • Take your education global through Trent’s Physics Study Abroad program


Popular Courses

Career Paths

  • Astronomer
  • Climate Modeller
  • Electronics Developer
  • Meteorologist
  • Nuclear Reactor Operator
  • Patent Lawyer
  • Planetary Geologist
  • Physicist
  • Teacher