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Native pictograph of handprints and deer

Future Students

Native pictograph of handprints and deer

Anthropology M.A.

Professor holding an animal skull in front of an anthropology cabinet with bones displayed on itEstablished in 1974, the Anthropology Graduate Program is one of the longest standing graduate programs at Trent University. 

As well as developing each student's understanding of the complexity and variability of human culture and biology, the M.A. program is designed to give students an excellent foundation to move into their Ph.D. studies or to pursue a career in applied anthropology or professional archaeology. Candidates are expected to complete three full-year courses and undertake original research for a Master's thesis.

Our faculty supervisors are engaged in many research areas, including:

  • The archaeology of Canada, Mesoamerica, and the US Southwest
  • European and Southwest Asian prehistory
  • Archaeology of the Ancient Greek and Roman world
  • Landscape and environmental archaeology
  • Bioarchaeology and isotope bio-geochemistry
  • Mortuary and forensic archaeology
  • Technology and material culture studies
  • Ethnographic studies

Graduates of Trent’s Anthropology M.A. program are well-equipped to pursue an array of professional careers, including:

  • Museum Curator
  • Academic Anthropologist (teacher and researcher)
  • Researcher
  • Corporate Anthropologist / Market Researcher
  • Policy Analyst
  • Language Revitalization
  • Lawyer
  • Public Health Professional
  • Urban Planner
  • Cultural Heritage Management Consultant
  • Heritage Tourism Consultant/Planner/Administrator
  • Heritage Education Program Coordinator
  • Tour Operator/Guide

Degree Type

  • M.A.