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Students holding graduation paddles



Vision Statement

First Peoples House of Learning Vision Statement

Before all other words are spoken, we extend greetings to all of creation.

We, the First Peoples of this land have inherited an ancient trust. As keepers of this land, our sacred obligations continue to guide us to protect our mother the earth and to share the knowledge and wisdom that comes from our ancient traditions of living in kindness, harmony and balance with our environment. We accept the challenge of respecting our obligations and sharing our knowledge in this place of learning and with people who come to it. And we make a commitment to work towards these ends.

The First Peoples House of Learning honours the land upon which it is built, the ancestors who hold the land and the knowledge that they possess. It celebrates our imaginations, our survival through the centuries, our knowledge developed over generations and our strength to endure. It celebrates the world that is continually being created through the efforts of our minds and spirits. It contributes to the continued development of Aboriginal peoples, cultures and knowledges.

The First Peoples House of Learning is a community of learners who have come together for the purpose of increasing our understanding of ourselves, each other and the world that we live within and to seek peace through the use of our minds. It helps to ensure that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Aboriginal knowledges, as reflected in traditional and contemporary world views and expressed in practice are articulated, discussed, documented, recognized and experienced.

The First Peoples House of Learning creates a community within the University for the exploration and development of indigenous knowledge. It invites a dialogue with other traditions of learning. The First Peoples House of Learning demonstrates the dignity and respect that the University holds for Aboriginal Peoples and their knowledge. The First Peoples House of Learning embodies Aboriginal ideas of learning that engage and embrace the body, mind, emotion and spirit. It provides a place where individuals can learn in the context of Aboriginal traditions, language and values, enhancing their understanding of both themselves and others.

The First Peoples House of Learning is a celebration of Aboriginal learning and knowledge. It acts as a beacon of hope and opportunity, drawing people together in a spirit of optimism and a sense of innovation and creativity, inviting people of all nations to put their minds and spirits together to see what future can be made for the First Peoples of this land and for all members of creation.