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FPHL Department team holding paddles and posing for a group photo in the FPHL Gathering Space



First Nation, Metis and Inuit Self Identification

Voluntary First Nation/Metis/Inuit Self-Identification 

Self-Identification information is collected for reporting purposes and to help guide Trent University’s planning of Indigenous student support services. Proof of Indigenous ancestry is not required and the information provided here will be kept confidential and stored in a secure location.

Benefits of Self-Identification

Self-identifying will help to:

  • Improve and enhance Indigenous programming and services at Trent University;
  • Connect learners with funding opportunities through bursaries and scholarships; and
  • Improve connections with Indigenous communities. 

Please email Shari Beaver to add your name to the Self Identifciation list: sharibeaver@trentu.ca


If you would like to remove your name from the self-id list or if you have questions about it, please email: fphl@trentu.ca

Thank you,

The First Peoples House of Learning Team