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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The Promissory Note is new, how do I know if I need to complete it?

A. If you are in an undergraduate, post-graduate, or Bachelor of Education program and are receiving funding from any of our approved funding sources, you need submit a Promissory Note to the University so we know how you are paying your fees.

Q.  Why do I have to complete a Promissory Note?

A. The Promissoy Note allows you to defer payment of your term fees  because you have approved funding from a source that will make your payment after the start of term and after the payment due date. 

Q.  What if I submit my Promissory Note late?

A. If we don't have your Promissory Note by September 1st, your account will be billed a late fee, interest will accrue and your account will be blocked.  Your Promissory Note will be accepted late during the deferral period but you will be responsible for the $75.00 late fee.

Q.  I submitted my Promissory Note but my status has not changed to "Fees Arranged?

A. If there are no errors on your Promissory Note sumission, your Promissory Note will be processed in 3 business days.  If there is a problem with your submission, we will notify you by email and give you 3 business days to resolve the problem without incurring a late fee.  Be sure to check your TrentU.ca email account regularly.


Q: I am receiving OSAP funding, do I have to pay my fees by the September 1st payment deadline?

A: No, you do not have to pay your fees by September 1st but you are required to submit a Promissory Note by this date.  Once the University confirms your funding, we will update your payment status to "Fees Arranged".  This status will allow you to defer your payment until September 30th. Please note, accounts that remain outstanding after the end of the deferral period will be charged a $75.00 late payment fee, the unpaid balance will be subject to interest and the account will be blocked.


Q: Will my advance tuition deposit be accepted after the due date?

A: Yes, the advance tuition payment will be accepted after the due date. Please note that registering in limited enrolment courses may be affected by late payment.

Q: I am funded by OSAP or an out of province student loan. Do I have to pay the advance tuition payment?

A: Yes, all Trent University students are required to pay the advance tuition payment. Please note that registering in limited enrolment courses may be affected by non-payment and/or by late payment of the advance tuition payment.

Q: Why is a convenience fee being charged if I use credit card to pay my student account?

A. Credit card payment is an additional option offered to students to pay their account, however, there is a cost associated with this service. An agreement has been signed with Moneris Solutions whereby Moneris will provide the ability to pay your student account (i.e. tuition, etc) fees using a credit card. In exchange for this service, Moneris will charge the students a 1.95% convenience fee. This fee is set by Moneris and is subject to change.

Q: What does "the convenience fee is non-refundable" mean?

A. The convenience fee is charged and collected by Moneris to allow for the payment by credit card. This fee is not applied toward your Trent student account balance. Once your payment transaction has been completed, the convenience fee is not refundable. If your payment results in an overpayment of your student account (due to an error in amount paid or you drop courses in time for a refund), the student account portion can be refunded, but the original convenience fee paid to Moneris cannot.

Q: What type of credit cards are accepted?

A. MasterCard is the only credit card accepted.

Q: Will I receive a receipt?

A. Yes, our online proces will provide you with a confirmation of payment. All students should review their student account statement regularly to ensure all payments have been received.

Q: How quickly does a credit card payment show on my student account?

Your payment will show on your student account statement with 24-48 hours after making the payment.

Q: What if I don't want to use a credit card and/or pay the convenience fee?

Trent's preferred methods of payment are:

Payments within Canada:

    Online or telephone banking - through your financial institution


Outside of Canada:

    GlobalPay for International students

To view all payment methods available:



Q: How do I provide consent for release of fee information?

Due to the Freedom of Information Act, personal information cannot be released to anyone other than the student without the student's signed consent. This includes parents, relatives, faculty, public and private organizations. Students wanting to give authorization for others to contact the Student Accounts Office on their behalf must complete the consent form on your MyTrent portal, tick the Financial Services box and save.

Q: Will my Non-refundable advance payment of tuition reduce the amount I owe for the September payment?

A: Yes, your non-refundable advance tuition payment will be applied to your full payment or first instalment due September 1, 2016.

Q: How will I know what my fees will be for the academic year?

A: Your account will be billed the first week of August, but if you are looking for information earlier than this date, current year fees are posted on the Financial Services web site for new and continuing students. 

Q: I require confirmation of enrolment for an RESP withdrawal or a student bank loan. Who do I contact for this form?

A: Please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@trentu.ca.

Q: How do I receive my student tax forms (T2202A and T4A)?

A: The student tax forms will be available to all students on their MyTrent student portal by February 28th. This information requires a personal login by the student and may be accessed under the MyArchives section. The University no longer provides hard copies of tax forms that have been sent electronically to the student portal. For parents who require this information, it will be the responsibility of the student to provide copies. Duplicate copies of tax forms from prior years are subject to a fee of $18.50 for each document requested. Residence fees are not eligible for the tax form and any inquiries relating to this ineligibility should be directed to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Q: If I withdraw, will I still owe fees?

A: Students completing the withdrawal process before September 22nd will forfeit the advance tuition payment. Students are responsible for fees for the 4 month academic year and as such, withdrawals after September 22 will have financial penalties. Consult with the Student Accounts Office and be fully informed regarding financial consequences upon withdrawal before completing withdrawal.


Q: Can my fees cohort year change?

A. Yes, your fees cohort will change under the following circumstances:

  1. If you do not complete a course in the year you are admitted to your program, your fees cohort will change if you are readmitted or allowed to defer your admission to the next year.
  2. If you do not complete at least one course over a total of any four or more consecutive summer and fall/winter sessions (two years), you are assigned the fees cohort year for the year in which you 'reactivate' your file. For example, if the last session in which you completed a course for your program was fall/winter 2014-2015 and you reactivate for summer 2016, you would be assigned the 2016 fees cohort year because you have not completed a course in the previous four sessions (a two year period). After you reactivate your file, you must complete at least one course in that fees cohort year or your fees cohort year will change each fees cohort year until you complete a course.
  3. If you complete your original program or are accepted into a new program of study, your fees cohort will change to the year you enter the new program. For example, if you are attending Trent in an undergraduate program in the 2011 fees cohort year and are accepted into the Education program for September 2016, you will be assigned a fees cohort year of 2016 for education program. You would also be assigned a 2016 fees cohort year if you completed your BA in the fall/winter 2015-2016 and entered a non-degree or second degree program in summer 2016.
  4. If you take longer than5 years to finish your degree, you will be charged fees according to the oldest cohort.