The Pratt Publication Project

The Pratt Publication Project began in the mid-seventies. Shortly after the publication of E. J. Pratt: The Evolutionary Vision (Copp Clark, 1974), Sandra Djwa was given permission by Viola Pratt, E. J. Pratt's widow, to bring together a group of scholars to prepare an edition of Pratt's Complete Poems. Mrs. Pratt was aware that the Collected Poems (University of Toronto Press 1958) edited by Northrop Frye was in fact a selected edition; she also wanted to encourage publication of Pratt's letters and unpublished papers.

Sandra Djwa approached Northrop Frye, David G. Pitt, Susan Gingell, Gordon Moyles, Robert Gibbs, and Lila Laakso. Professor Frye agreed to support the project in letters to the funding agencies. With funding from the Social Sciences and Humanites Research Council, the Pratt Editorial Project was established, its mandate being to prepare an edition of the Collected Works of E.J. Pratt for publication by the University of Toronto Press. The members of the Project included Professor Gingell, with responsibility for the uncollected prose; Professor Pitt, with responsibility for the letters; Professor Moyles, who was to do the textual editing of the Complete Poems; and Professor Djwa, who was to write the Introduction to the Complete Poems. Lila Laakso prepared the descriptive bibliography of Pratt's works on which the Edition as a whole was based. Djwa and Moyles served as General Editors of the Project.

With the retirements of Gordon Moyles and David G. Pitt in the early nineties, Zailig Pollock and W. J. Keith agreed to join Sandra Djwa as General Editors of the Project, with Professor Pollock taking responsibility for the preparation of a hypertext edition of the Complete Poems. Subsequently, Elizabeth Popham joined the Project with responsibility for the preparation of print and hypertext editions of Pratt's letters, which had been collected and annotated by David G. Pitt while researching his two-volume biography, E.J. Pratt: The Truant Years, 1882-1927 and E.J. Pratt: The Master Years, 1927-64 (University of Toronto Press, 1984 and 1987).

The Advisory Board for the Project includes David Bentley, Claude Bissell, Robert Brandeis, Peter Buitenhuis, Michael Darling, Douglas Lochhead, Jay Macpherson, Malcolm Ross, David Staines, and Brian Trahearne.

The General Editors are Sandra Djwa, W.J. Keith, Zailig Pollock.

The Editorial Committee includes Sandra Djwa, Susan Gingell, W. J. Keith, Lila Laakso, David G. Pitt, Zailig Pollock, Elizabeth Popham.

The following volumes of the Collected Works have already appeared:

In addition, with the cooperation of the E.J. Pratt Library at Victoria College (Toronto) – Literary Executor for E.J. Pratt since the death of Claire Pratt in 1997 – and the University of Toronto Press, the E.J. Pratt Publication Project has supplemented print publication with digital publication: