Bobcaygeon, Ont
Sept. 9 [1926]

Dear Billy,

I had this review up to four hundred words but by a second pruning I managed to get it down to 335. I hope it will do though I don't think it is 'any great shakes,' as I can only accomplish anything worth while when I have the impulse to let myself go.

I am glad to see that your Poteen is ready for the market. I received a notice from the Graphic P but I intend buying a couple of copies from the Toronto book stores when I get back. I want your autograph on. Don't bother about a complimentary copy old man, as you will have expense enough in sending around the inevitable ones. We are looking forward to seeing the whole damn family on our return. Procreation is a wonderful natural gift.


Deacon had asked him to review Flora Jewell Williams's New Furrows: A Story of the Alberta Foothills (Ottawa: Graphic Publishers, 1926) for the Fall Supplement of Saturday Night (4 Dec. 1926).

A reference to the Deacon baby born that summer.