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sweat of night blues moist upon them. Feefee! phopho!!1
foorchtha!!! aggala!!!! jeeshee!!!!! paloola!!!!!! ooridiminy!!!!!!!2
Afeared themselves were to wonder at the class of a crossroads3
puzzler he would likely be, length by breadth nonplussing his4
thickness, ells upon ells of him, making so many square yards of5
him, one half of him in Conn's half but the whole of him never-6
theless in Owenmore's five quarters. There would he lay till7
they would him descry, spancelled down upon a blossomy bed, at8
one foule stretch, amongst the daffydowndillies, the flowers of9
narcosis fourfettering his footlights, a halohedge of wild spuds10
hovering over him, epicures waltzing with gardenfillers, puritan11
shoots advancing to Aran chiefs. Phopho!! The meteor pulp12
of him, the seamless rainbowpeel. Aggala!!!! His bellyvoid of13
nebulose with his neverstop navel. Paloola!!!!!! And his veins14
shooting melanite phosphor, his creamtocustard cometshair and15
his asteroid knuckles, ribs and members. Ooridiminy!!!!!!! His16
electrolatiginous twisted entrails belt.17
    Those four claymen clomb together to hold their sworn star- 18
chamber quiry on him. For he was ever their quarrel, the way19
they would see themselves, everybug his bodiment atop of20
annywom her notion, and the meet of their noght was worth two21
of his morning. Up to the esker ridge it was, Mallinger parish, to a22
mead that was not far, the son's rest. First klettered Shanator23
Gregory, seeking spoor through the deep timefield, Shanator24
Lyons, trailing the wavy line of his partition footsteps (some-25
thing in his blisters was telling him all along how he had26
been in that place one time), then his Recordership, Dr Shuna-27
dure Tarpey, caperchasing after honourable sleep, hot on to the28
aniseed and, up out of his prompt corner, old Shunny MacShunny,29
MacDougal the hiker, in the rere of them on the run, to make a30
quorum. Roping their ass he was, their skygrey globetrotter,31
by way of an afterthought and by no means legless either for32
such sprouts on him they were that much oneven it was tumbling33
he was by four lengths, within the bawl of a mascot, kuss yuss,34
kuss cley, patsy watsy, like the kapr in the kabisses, the big ass,35
to hear with his unaided ears the harp in the air, the bugle36