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School of the Environment

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School of the Environment


photo of Julian AhernJulian Aherne

Office: ESC B303
Phone: ext. 7887
Emaill: jaherne@trentu.ca

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Modeling
BA (Trinity College Dublin), M.Appl.Sc (University College Dublin), Graduate Diploma (Trinity College Dublin), PhD (University College Dublin)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Using models to improve our understanding of pollutants in the environment
  • In lab analysis of biosphere components and using the date to create equations as the basis for computer models

Canada Research Chair Profile
Ecosystems Research Group Website
Muskoka WaterWeb Research Team 
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photo of David BeresfordDavid Beresford​

Office: LHS D217
Phone: ext. 7540
Email: davidberesford@trentu.ca

Assistant Professor (Cross-appointed with Biology)
BSc (Trent University), BEd (Queen's University), PhD (Trent University)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Role of dispersal in insect and mite populations
  • Stable flies as pests of dairy and beef farms, and insect diversity in the Hudson Bay lowlands.
  • Insects that colonize corpses, such as blow flies and carrion beetles

Beresford Lab Website

Dr Stephen BockingStephen Bocking

Office: ESC A132
Phone: ext. 7883
Email: sbocking@trentu.ca

B.Sc, MA, PhD (University of Toronto)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • The roles of science in environmental policy and politics
  • Regional environmental history and biodiversity conservation
  • The science and politics of salmon aquaculture
  • The history of environmental science in northern Canada

Stephen Bocking's Website
Blog: Environment, History, Science
Stephen Bocking Twitter 
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photo of Prof Jim ButtleJim Buttle

Office: ESC C125
Phone: ext. 7475
Email: jbuttle@trentu.ca

BA (University of Toronto), PhD (Southampton)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Hydrology
  • Streamflow generation
  • Land use change
  • Forest landscapes

Jim teaches a variety of undergraduate courses in Physical Geography, including Earth’s Physical Processes and Environments, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, and Large-scale Geomorphology. Each course emphasizes the field work aspects of the subject, as well as the application of modelling approaches.

Hydrology Research Website
Research Gate Profile 

Michael Classen, professor, with his family.Michael Classens 

​Office: ESC A148
Email: michaelclassens@trentu.ca

Assistant Professor, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
BA (Double Major Honours) University of Western Ontario, MA (University of Windsor, PhD (York University)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Political ecology (of food, agriculture, soil and energy)
  • Environmental history and justice
  • Community and social movements
  • Indigenous food and energy security and sovereignty

Michael is broadly interested in areas of social and environmental justice, with an emphasis on food, agriculture, soil and energy. As a teacher, researcher and learner, he is committed to connecting theory with practice, scholarship with social change.

Recent Publications


photo of Prof Peter DillonPeter Dillon

Office: CSB F110
Phone: ext. 7536
Email: pdillon@trentu.ca

Professor (cross-appointed with Chemistry)
BSc, MSc, PhD (University of Toronto)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Nutrient dynamics and modeling
  • Acidification of lakes and streams
  • Trace metal dynamics

Watershed Biogeochemistry Website
Trent Water Quality Centre Profile
Muskoka WaterWeb Research Team 
Research Gate Profile

photo of Prof Catherine EimersCatherine Eimers

Office: ESC A142
Phone: ext. 7225

Associate Professor
BSc(Honours) (University of Toronto), MSc (Trent University), PhD (University of Waterloo)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Impacts of climate and land use change on soil and water resources

Catherine teaches a variety of undergraduate courses in Physical Geography, including Water Resources, Soil Science, Applied Geoscience, and Climate Change: the Physcial Basis.

Environmental Geoscience Research Group Website
Research Gate Profile

photo of Prof Michael FoxMichael Fox

Office: LHS D236
Phone: ext. 7873
Email: mfox@trentu.ca

Professor (Cross-appointed with Biology)
BSc (Pennsylvania), M.EDes (Calgary), PhD (Queen's University)

Research and Teaching Interests

Michael is an ecologist who works primarily with fish; he is cross-appointed with the Biology Department. He has a mixed arts and science background and was a former teacher, park planner and environmental consultant. His mixed background is reflected in the courses he teaches and the approaches he uses in these courses. He is presently teaching Natural Resources, Environmental Education and Fish Ecology, and has also taught Fisheries Assessment and Management. All of his courses have a mix of theory and practical aspects, and include field work, labs, seminars and practicums.

Michael Fox Website

photo of Prof Steven FranklinSteven Franklin

Office: ESC A114 
Phone: ext. 7510
Email: sfranklin@trentu.ca

BES, MA, PhD (University of Waterloo)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Using Remote Sensing and GIS to explore and investigate the impacts of humans on the environment, including loss of biodiversity
  • Terrain Analysis
  • Geomorphometry
  • Earth Science, Forest Science

Research Gate Profile

photo of Prof Chris FurgalChris Furgal​

Office: GSC 303
Phone: ext. 7953
Email: chrisfurgal@trentu.ca

Associate Professor (cross-appointed with Indigenous Studies)
BSc, MSc (Western University), PhD (University of Waterloo)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Environmental health risk assessment, management and communication
  • Indigenous environmental health with focus on Arctic populations
  • Indigenous knowledge and science for environment and health research
  • Food security and climate change and the health of northern Indigenous communities

Health, Environment, and Indigenous Communities Research Group Website
Recent Publications

photo of Prof Celine Gueguen​Céline Guéguen

Office: CSB E118
Phone: ext. 7859
Email: celinegueguen@trentu.ca

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Sciences and Biogeochemistry (Cross-listed with Chemistry)
MSc (Western Brittany), PhD (Geneva)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Dynamics and characterization of dissolved organic matter in natural waters
  • Role of dissolved organic matter in transport and bioavailability of trace metals in marine and freshwaters
  • In situ metal speciation
  • Metal speciation modeling
  • Reactivity of DOM produced by plankton and aquatic macrophytes

Laboratory of Aquatic Sciences and Biogeochemistry Website
Trent Water Quality Centre Website Profile
Dr. Céline Guéguen on Connecting Research to Teaching 
Recent Publications 

photo of Prof Magda HavasMagda Havas

Office: ESC B309
Phone: ext. 7882
Email: mhavas@trentu.ca

Associate Professor
BSc, PhD (University of Toronto)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Response of aquatic biota to acidification and metal (Al, Cu, Ni) contamination in Ontario and in the Canadian arctic (Smoking Hills)
  • Biological and chemical recovery of acidic, metal-contaminated lakes near Sudbury
  • Biological effects of energy fields (BEEF) including electromagnetic fields and geomagnetic fields
  • Communication science to non-scientists
  • Innovative uses of computer technology to enhance learning

Centre for Health Studies Profile
Research Gate Profile 

Photo of Prof Brendan HickieBrendan Hickie

Office: ESC A128
Phone: ext. 7623
Email: bhickie@trentu.ca

Assistant Professor
​BScAgr (University of Guelph), MSc and PhD (University of Waterloo)

Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Hickie teaches in a range of courses including Natural Science Statistics, Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Ecology. His research involves study of fate of contaminants in aquatic ecosystems, their bioaccumulation through food webs and particularly accumulation by wildlife such as marine mammals, mink and river otter. Through this research he has developed expertise in modelling the multi-media fate of organic chemicals using fugacity-based models and their bioaccumulation by individual species and through food webs. Dr. Hickie has developed a number of novel bioaccumulation models for six species marine mammals (including beluga, ringed seals, orcas and bottlenose dolphins), and a mercury accumulation model for mink.

Recent Publications

photo of Prof Holger Hintelmann​Holger Hintelmann

Office: CSB F113
Phone: ext. 6143
Email: hhintelmann@trentu.ca

Professor & Dean of Arts & Science (Cross-appointed with Chemistry)
BSc, PhD (Hamburg)

Research and Teaching Interests

General interest aims at a better understanding of the factors that control the (bio)availability of metals to develop descriptive models predicting their fate in the environment. Dr. Hiltelmann instructs several Chemistry and ERS-Chemistry joint courses.

Chemistry Department Profile 
Trent Water Quality Centre Profile
Recent Publications

photo of David HoldsworthDavid Holdsworth

Office: ESC B308
Phone: ext. 7642
Email: dholdsworth@trentu.ca

Associate Professor
BSc (University of Waterloo), MSc (McMaster University), PhD (Western University)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Environmentalism as a moral discourse
  • Reflexivity within environmental theory
  • Observation and representation in physical theory
  • Valuation and interpretation of mathematics
  • The (algebraic) topos as site of theory
  • Political discourses and cultural organization of scientific community
  • Interdisciplinary and professional practice within post-modern culture

Profile on the Cultural Studies PhD Page
Recent Publications

photo of Prof Tom HutchisonTom Hutchison

Office: ESC B301
Phone: ext. 1634
Email: thutchison@trentu.ca

Professor Emeritus & Part Time Instructor
BSc (Manchester), PhD (Sheffield), F.R.S.C.

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Restoration and re-vegetation of acidic and toxic mine sites,
  • Adaptations of plants to heavy metal and acidity stress and to air pollution including sulphur dioxide, ozone and acid rain 
  • Ecology of tundra and boreal forests
  • Use of heritage livestock breeds in sustainable agriculture  

Recent Publications

Jean francois professor ​Jean-François Koprivnjak

​Office: ESC A135
Phone: ext. 7512
Email: jkoprivnjak@trentu.ca

Assistant Professor (LTA), Department of Chemistry, School of the Environment

B.Sc. (McGill University), M.Sc. (McGill University), Ph.D. (Georgia Tech)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • characterization of dissolved organic matter (DOM)
  • aquatic geochemistry
  • low molecular weight stable isotope geochemistry
  • effect of the oxidation state of DOM on the degradation rates of chemicals
  • modeling of freshwater DOM concentrations using absorbance measurements
  • importance of the evolution of CO2 gas from boreal lakes

Jean-François is cross appointed with the Department of Chemistry and teaches courses in aquatic chemistry and geochemistry, fate of contaminants in aquatic environments, and atmospheric chemistry.

photo of Prof Peter LafleurPeter Lafleur

Office: ESC C127
Phone: ext. 7487
Email: plafleur@trentu.ca

BSc (Brandon University), MSc (Trent University), PhD (McMaster University)

Research and Teaching Interests

Peter Lafleur’s research is located in the fields of climatology and hydrometeorology. His specific research interest is the atmosphere-ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide and water in peatland and tundra environments. Current projects include ecosystem carbon measurement and modeling at the eastern peatland station of the Fluxnet Canada Research Network and investigation of carbon exchange variation between tundra types in the central North West Territories. Prof. Lafleur currently teaches courses in microclimatology, global climate systems, hydrometeorology, and field based research.

The Blue Lab Website
ArcticNet Profile
Recent Publications

photo of Prof Cheryl McKenna NeumanCheryl McKenna Neuman

Office: ESC A144
Phone: ext. 7307
Email: cmckneuman@trentu.ca

BSc (Honours) (Queen's University), MSc (University of Guelph), PhD (Queen's University)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Process Geomorphology
  • Mechanics of Sediment Transport
  • Experimental fluid dynamics
  • Dust emission and air quality
  • Wind tunnel simulation

Cheryl offers courses in Process Geomorphology, River Environments and Processes, Sedimentary Processes, and Geosytems at the undergraduate level and the Mechanics of Sediment Transport at the graduate level. A ‘hands-on’ approach to learning is emphasized in many of these courses incorporating both lab and field work. Technology enhanced learning is also used as all courses are supported with Blackboard.

Trent Environmental Wind Tunnel Research Group website
Research Gate Profile

photo of Prof Chris MetcalfeChris Metcalfe

Office: SC 205
Phone: ext. 7272
Email: cmetcalfe@trentu.ca

Professor and Director of the Institute for Watershed Science
BSc (University of Manitoba), MSc (University of New Brunswick), PhD (McMaster University)

Research and Teaching Interests

Determination of the environmental fate and toxic effects of organic contaminants in the aquatic environment, especially in the fate and toxic effects of halogenated aromatic hydrocarbonons, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, alkylphenol ethoxylate surfactants and prescription and non-prescription drugs in the aquatic environment. Research on endocrine disruption in fish as well as international research experience through work in Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and Indonesia.

Trent Water Quality Centre Profile
Institute for Watershed Science Website
Recent Publications

photo of Prof Heather NicolHeather Nicol

Office: ESC B307
Phone: ext. 7107
Email: heathernicol@trentu.ca

BA (Honours) (University of Toronto), MES (York University), PhD (Queen's University)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Political and regional studies emphasizing borders and borderlands and the circumpolar North

Heather Nicol’s research is focused upon exploring the dynamics which structure the political geography of the circumpolar North, with a specific focus on the North American Arctic and Canada-US relations. Her work is focused upon cross-border relations, tensions, geopolitical narratives and mappings of power and sovereignty. She is currently exploring both the history of circumpolar geopolitics in relation to globalization and post-global world paradigms, and the related issue of the dynamic of the Arctic Council North American chairmanship, which began in Kiruna Sweden 2013, when Canada assumed the Chair, and which will continue to 2017, when the American Chairmanship concludes.  Nicol is the 2015-16 Visiting Fulbright Chair to the University of Washington, at the Centre for Canadian Studies and the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies.

Recent Publications

photo of Prof Roger PictonRoger Picton

Office: ESC A120
Phone: ext. 7571
Email: rogerpicton@trentu.ca

Senior Instructor 
BA (Honours) (Trent University), MA (Carleton University), PhD (University of Toronto)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Fieldwork and pedagogy in human geography
  • Planning and urban waterfront                                                 
  • Brewpubs and post-industrial redevelopment

Roger takes pride in sparking student interest in critical and practical perspectives on urban life.  He teaches courses in human geography: urban geography, urban planning, urban environments, and the rural-urban fringe. His current research investigates how craft breweries are revalorizing historic and industrial architecture in urban waterfronts. As part of this research, he is investigating how to integrate experiential learning into the undergraduate human geography curriculum.

Recent Publications 

Research Gate Profile 

photo of Prof Raul Paul HernandezRaul Ponce-Hernandez

Office: ESC B304
Phone: ext. 7646
Email: rponce@trentu.ca

Associate Professor
​BEng (National School of Agriculture Mexico), MSc (Universidad Autonoma Chapingo), PhD (University of Oxford)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Climate change impacts modeling on agriculture, forests and water resources
  • Design of adaptation options
  • GIS/Remote Sensing modeling for watershed management and natural resource planning

Raul teaches courses in GIS at the introductory and upper undergraduate levels, soil management and integrated watershed management in the Departments of Geography and Environmental and Resources Science/Studies.

Research Gate Profile

Professor Ian Power, wearing sun hat, smiling at cameraIan Power

Office: CSB E114
Laboratory: CSB F107
Phone: ext. 6257
Email: ianpower@trentu.ca

Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair Tier II – Environmental Geoscience
BSc and PhD (Western University)

Professional Geoscientist (BC)

Research and Teaching Interests

Ian is an environmental geochemist who studies carbon sequestration and tailings management, natural analogues for carbon mineralization, and geobiological approaches to carbon management. Ian takes an interdisciplinary approach to science that crosses conventional research boundaries to discover, understand, and harness geochemical processes to address environmental challenges.  He teaches courses in the Environmental Geoscience program including Field Methods and Introductory Mineralogy.

Environmental Geochemistry Laboratory

Recent Publications 

photo of Prof Stephanie RutherfordStephanie Rutherford

Office: ESC A112
Phone: ext. 7187
Email: srutherford@trentu.ca

Associate Professor
BA (University of Toronto), MSc (University of Guelph), PhD (York University)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Cultural politics of nature
  • Political ecology of wolves in Canada
  • Political theory and the environment
  • Environmental justice

Stephanie teaches in the broad areas of human-animal relations, political ecology, and environmental justice. Stephanie is committed to challenging and nurturing students, not as passive recipients of knowledge but in a lifelong learning process that can equip them to be critical of the world as it is, and seek to change it for the better.

Blog Article (University Minnesota Press)
Recent Puclications

Photo of Prof Mark SkinnerMark Skinner

Office: ESC B315
Phone: ext. 7946
Email: markskinner@trentu.ca

Acting Dean of Arts and Science - Social Sciences

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Rural Aging, Health and Social Care
BA (Honours) (Wilfrid Laurier University), MA (University of Guelph), PhD (Queen's University)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Health Geography
  • Rural aging communities
  • Rural health care and voluntarism

Mark is currently Acting Dean of Social Sciences. His research examines how rural people and places are responding to the challenges and opportunities of population aging, particularly the role of the voluntary sector and volunteers in supporting older people and sustaining rural communities. He teaches courses in qualitative methods, the practice and profession of geography, health geography, rural community sustainability and community-based research. Mark was the founding Director of the Trent Centre for Aging & Society. 

Trent Centre for Aging and Society website
Recent Publications
Research Gate Profile

Picture of Karen Thompson, Assistant ProfessorKaren Thompson

Office: ESB A118
Phone: ext. 6756
Email: karenthompson@trentu.ca

Assistant Professor, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
BSc Honours Environmental Sciences (University of Western Ontario); PhD Land Resource Science (University of Guelph)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • The role of soil microbial communities in ecosystem functioning, including SOM stability and GHG fluxes
  • Microbial measures as biological indicators of soil health
  • The functional resilience and recovery of soil microbial C- and N-cycling communities to agricultural management, industrial disturbance, climate change, and land use change

photo of Prof Dirk WallschlaegerDirk Wallschläger

Office: CSB F114
Phone: ext. 7378
Email: dwallsch@trentu.ca

Professor and Director of the Trent Water Quality Centre (Cross-appointed with Chemistry)
MSc (Bochum), PhD (Bremen)

Research and Teaching Interests

Development of analytical methods for the speciation of trace elements in natural and industrial environments; study of cycling and fate of trace element species in impacted ecosystems; behavior of trace element species during industrial water and waste treatment procedures.

Trent Water Quality Centre Profile
Recent Publications

Photo of Prof Tom WhillansTom Whillans

Office: ESC B310
Phone: ext. 7789
Email: twhillans@trentu.ca

Associate Professor
BA (University of Guelph), MSc, PhD (Toronto)

Research and Teaching Interests

Conservation and management of wetlands, impacts of marsh land management on aquatic biota, ecological constraints to lake level management and to wetland habitats, renewable resource management, Great Lakes and Kawartha area fisheries.

U-Links Centre for Community Based Education website
Recent Publications

photo of Prof Susan WurteleSusan Wurtele

Office: ESC B306
Phone: ext. 7454
Email: swurtele@trentu.ca

Associate Professor
BSc (Honours) (Trent University), PhD (Queen's University)

Research Interests

  • Feminist and cultural geography
  • Participatory citizenship

Susan teaches a range of courses including human geography and upper year courses on urban environments and feminist geographies. Her classes are dynamic involving small group seminars and opportunities for field work and alternative assignment structures.

Recent Publications