J. Michael Treadwell
Research Notes

This site consists of the contents, in digital format, of twenty binders of notes for Professor Michael Treadwell's research on the book trade.

After Professor Treadwell's untimely death his family and colleagues decided to set up the site for two reasons. The first is to ensure that this valuable scholarly resource is backed up in a secure format. The second is to make the material accessible to scholars who may wish to consult it for their own research or to carry on Professor Treadwell's major project, his dictionary of London printers and typefounders, 1666-1723.

After considerable discussion it was decided not to make this site generally available but to limit access to serious scholars who have been given permission for its use by a committee established with the approval of Professor Treadwell's family. Hence the use of a password.

If you are reading this, you are obviously one of those scholars. Feel free to cite any part of the material which you find useful. We request, however, that you acknowledge the source of any material which you use, and that you do not divulge the password for this site to anyone.

There are two kinds of files on the site: scanned images of each page and HTML files for each page. The HTML files each consist of two images. The first image, at the top of the file, is set to the width of your monitor whatever that happens to be, so you can conveniently view the page as a whole. The second image, immediately below the first, is at a higher resolution, in case there are details which you would like to see more clearly.

This page contains links to an index file for each binder; the index files, in turn contain links to the files for each page in the binder.

We have tried to make the filenames for each page as clear as possible. After the name of each file, we indicate, in parentheses, whether the page is recto or verso; in the case of pages in landscape format, we also indicate whether the scan is of the left or right hand side of the page. Thus

SMITH John (1 recto left)
SMITH John (1 recto right)

indicates the first page recto of the material on John Smith. Since the page is in landscape format, we have scanned it twice: the first file contains a scan of the left side of the page, the second of the right side.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Zailig Pollock.

  1. America
  2. Ballads
  3. Bookbinders
  4. Booksellers (A-F)
  5. Booksellers (G-N)
  6. Booksellers (O-S)
  7. Booksellers (T-Z)
  8. English Stock
  9. Ireland
  10. Journeymen Printers
  11. Other
  12. Pre-Fire Printers
  13. Printers (A-H)
  14. Printers (I-P)
  15. Printers (R-Z)
  16. Printers in 1705
  17. Printers (Miscellaneous Documents)
  18. Printers' Ornaments (R-Z)
  19. Provinces
  20. Rolling Press Printers

Maintained by Zailig Pollock; last updated: 22 July, 1999