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Stephen Katz

Professor Stephen Katz

OC 230   Ext. 6020   E-mail

Professor Katz teaches courses on Self and Social Interaction, Aging and the Life Course and Sociology of Everyday Life. His research focuses on aging, critical gerontology, sociology of the body and cultures of expertise. He is author of the books Disciplining Old Age and Cultural Aging, and numerous book chapters and articles in journals such as Generations, Journal of Aging Studies,  Body & Society, History of the Human Sciences and Journal of Women and Aging. He has written a series of articles with Trent sociologist Barbara L. Marshall on aging, pharmaceutical expertise, sexuality and enhancement and is currently working on the cultural aspects of aging memory and cognitive impairment. In 2009 Professor Katz received the prestigious Trent University  Distinguished Research Award for his work on aging and critical gerontology. He balances work by spending time at home playing music, gardening and hanging out with family and
spouse Patricia Stamp.

Teaching Areas

Social interaction, sociology of the emotions, introductory sociology, sociology of aging and the life course.

Research Interests

Social and cultural theory, social gerontology and aging, expertise and the human sciences, sociology of the body.

'Perceptions and Realities of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI): Diagnosis and Treatment for Older Individuals.' www.trentu.ca/mciproject

General Areas of Thesis Supervision

as above.