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Part-Time Faculty


Emily Bruusgaard
B.A. (Waterloo), M.A. (Trent), Ph.D. (Queen's)

WH 109, Traill College, x 6018, emilybruusgaard@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Canadian literature, Indigenous literatures, particularly contemporary poetry; American women's literature; material culture and narratives of domestic production, needlework and textiles; mental illness and generational trauma; Martha Ostenso; Laura Goodman Salverson; Sara Jeannette Duncan; Nella Larsen; Edith Wharton







Meghan Dimmick
B.A. (Western), M.A. (Windsor), Ph.D. (Memorial)

Wallis Hall, Traill College, meghandimmick@trentu.ca








Mac Fenwick
B.A., M.A. (Ottawa), Ph.D. (Queen's)

Wallis Hall, Traill College, mfenwick@trentu.ca 

Research Interests: Postcolonial literatures and comparative literature, with special focuses on Wilson Harris, Salman Rushdie and cross-cultural hermeneutic



Katrina Keefer


Heather Kerr


Peter Látka
B.A., Ph.D. (Toronto)

Durham-Greater Toronto Area Campus, peterlatka@trentu.ca



Tom Laughlin
B.A. (Trent), M.A. (Carleton), Ph.D. (Toronto)

WH 115, Traill College, x 7300, thomaslaughlin@trentu.ca



Manole, Diana
B.A. (Bucharest), M.A. (Carleton), Ph.D. (Toronto)

Durham-Greater Toronto Area Campus, dianamanole@trentu.ca



Drew Maxwell
B.A. (Trent), M.A. (Toronto)

Durham-Greater Toronto Area Campus, dmaxwell@trentu.ca



Janette Platana
B.A. (York), M.A. (Trent)

WH 109, Traill College, x 6018,  jplatana@trentu.ca

Research Interests: Creative Writing, Punk, Horror, Feminism, Psychoanalysis, Publics, Shame, Parenting, Catholicism, Francophonie dehors de Quebec, the prairie west.



Katrin Urschel
M.A. (Passau), Ph.D. (Ireland)

WH, Traill College, katrinurschel@trentu.ca



Shannon Webb-Campbell
B.A. (Dalhousie), MFA (British Columbia), MA (Memorial)

Durham-Greater Toronto Area Campus, shannonwebbcampbell@trentu.ca