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School of Education

Image of M.Ed. student talking in class

School of Education

Program Objectives

A male and female student crouching on the floor applying tape to the tiles floor of a classroom in a mathematical shape

By undertaking the M.Ed. in Educational Studies you will become better prepared to make significant contributions to an increasingly complex world by experiencing personal and professional development that is enhanced by global perspectives, experiential learning and an over-arching interdisciplinary approach. The program recognizes the desirability of helping students learn to study issues through an Indigenous lens whenever appropriate and the program will emphasize sustainable practices and pedagogies.

The program will encourage and develop your research skills and capacity for critical analysis, meeting learning outcomes that are in line with the University’s Degree Level Expectations. Through the study and critical analysis of current issues in education and the application of research-based approaches, you will acquire intellectual independence. By developing the ability to place ideas in a broader context, the program aims to better equip you to make well-informed, ethical decisions in complex professional contexts. The objectives of the program will be achieved through a combination of course work, teaching and research seminars and individual reading and research.