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School of Education

Teacher Candidates working together with computer, tablets and television during class

School of Education

Tuition Fees

The program is charged by term and not by class with a minimum of 6 terms.  There is no tuition fee in the 3rd year. 

We set this up so that a student would not feel pressured to complete their studies in 2 years when they may benefit by spreading it over 3.


  Summer Fall Winter Ancillary Total
1st Year $3,129.66 $3,129.66 $3,129.66 $165.64 $9,554.62
2nd Year $3,129.66 $3,129.66 $3,129.66 $165.64 $9,554.62
3rd Year       $165.64 $165.64
4th Year $1,060.90 $1,060.90 $1,060.90 $165.64 $3,348.34

If the program is completed in 3 Years, the cost would be: $19,274.88

*Tuition fees are increased in the Fall each year. The values shown are based on 2017/18 fees and will be updated in September.
**In the Fall there is an additional health and dental fee which may be refunded if the student has coverage elsewhere. It will be $425 for Fall 2017.

For some applicants this arrangement may be too challenging to budget for and so we are able to set in place special payment plans to spread the cost over a longer period. For example, we could set up a payment plan for your tuition fees to be spread over 9 terms rather than 6 which would be $ 2,086.44 per term plus ancillary fees.