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School of Education

School of Education

Master of Education Ambassador

Introducing our Master of Education Ambassador Beth Needham!

Image of M.Ed. Student Ambassador Beth Needham
Beth Needham, B.Ed.


As an alumna of Trent and becoming the Academic Coordinator for Sociology in 2014, Beth supports students by helping them navigate their degree pathway while also helping draw students into the Sociology program. With prior aspirations to study at the Masters level, it was through Beth’s positive and genuine enjoyment of working with post-secondary students, that her focus to improving the student experience by engaging in research-related projects became front and center. In her first year of study, Beth has found that the exploration of both theoretical and practical frameworks as it pertains to post-secondary education, has provided her with a great sense of awareness as to the needs of her students and supports available to them. Through completing both her Undergraduate and Bachelor of Education degrees at Trent, Beth shares a common thread with many other alumni and the reasons as to why they continue to choose Trent for further their education.

“Trent is unique in that it can provide its students with a very personal experience during their time here, and I have found that the M.Ed. Program provides me with that same feeling of support. My professors are always accessible and willing to listen to my ideas, my questions, and my concerns. The administrative staff are helpful and prompt, which, as a busy working mother is really important to me. I was a bit intimidated by the idea of returning to school after such a long hiatus and with so much on my plate as a parent, but the support of the faculty and staff of the M.Ed. Program have really allowed me to confidently say that I am both enjoying and succeeding as a Masters student at Trent University.”

Should you have any questions pertaining to the program and are looking for a working/student perspective, please do not hesitate to connect with Beth!