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Teacher Candidates working together with computer, tablets and television during class

School of Education

Blair Niblett

Image for Blair NiblettBlair Niblett

Assistant Professor

705-748-1011 ext. 7052
OCA 159

My philosophical approach is based in theories of experiential education; I design classroom experiences so that theoretical concepts are illustrated through hands-on activities that draw upon teacher candidates' prior knowledge and lived experiences. I am passionate about helping teacher candidates to understand that teaching is less about transferring knowledge and more about developing relationships; this passion is grounded in the belief that education has the potential to develop global citizens who can co-create a more socially and ecologically just world. I draw inspiration for my work from my participation in the Association for Experiential Education, and my colleagues at Trent, especially teacher candidates. I'm a certified lifeguard, ropes/challenge course instructor, and once travelled as the only passenger on a 737 jet from Thunder Bay to Toronto.

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