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School of Education

Teacher Candidates working together with computer, tablets and television during class

School of Education



The Development of Young Children’s Spatial Reasoning and its Role in Mathematics Learning

  • SSHRC: April 2014 award; 4 year study of mathematics for young children; Bruce individual award
  •  Math for Young Children: The development of lesson study toolkits to support mathematics learning Grades Kindergarten to 2; 2011-2016, Literacy and Numeracy Research Grant through 3 District School Boards; Bruce, Principal Investigator

Number without language? Developmental pathways among language, numeracy, and executive function

  • SSHRC: April 2014 award; Tracking study of children from ages 3 to 6;  group application; Im-Boulter (PI), Bruce, Smith-Chant, Agostino, Farnia (Collaborators)

Fractions: Longitudinal study – Developing Learning Trajectories and Tracking Students in their Learning of Fractions.

  • 2013-2016, Ontario Ministry of Education Grant; Bruce individual award 
  • 2011-2013, SSHRC - Knowledge Creation and Mobilization in Mathematics Education Research: The use of digital video analysis and dynamic digital research papers to foster and share best practices
  • 2011-2013, Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research, Total Project; Bruce, lead University Partner

Recently Complete

The development of preservice and in-service teacher efficacy: A model of professional support for sustained mathematics reform implementation - A mixed methods study

  • 2008-2012, SSHRC funding; Bruce, individual award

CLIPS and GAPS The Effectiveness of Algebra, Fractions, Integers and Trigonometry Online Learning Objects on Student Achievement and Affect 

  • 2006-2012, Mixed methods study with four district school boards; Lead for qualitative research component; Joint project with Trent U, UofT, and the Ministry of Education; Bruce: Principal Investigator 

Collaborative Inquiry and Learning in Mathematics: External review through a mixed methods study in Ontario District School Boards

  • 2008-2012, Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat Ontario funding: Bruce, Principal investigator

Teachers Learning Together: Collaborative Action Research in Mathematics 

  • 2007-2012, Mixed methods study in Ontario District School Boards; Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario funding: Bruce, Principal investigator