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School of Education

People sitting in a tipi with a fire lit

School of Education

Teachings of the Fire and Learning from Our Elders

Experiential Learning Placement

The Teachings of the Fire and Learning from Our Elders alternative settings placement is designed to build an understanding of Indigenous Knowledge systems and Indigenous ways of knowing through experiential learning. Teacher Candidates in the Consecutive Bachelor of Education program will work closely with Elders, Traditional Knowledge Holders, and the First Peoples House of Learning to receive the necessary training to be fire keepers. Selected Teacher Candidates will then host weekly social fires in the School of Education tipi located in the Otonabee College Quad and the First Peoples House of Learning tipi located in the Traditional Area near the Enwayaang Building. In the process of hosting social fires, Teacher Candidates will develop leadership skills through modeling proper use of the Traditional Area and mentoring volunteer fire keepers. This experiential learning placement will be grounded in Indigenous pedagogies of reflective action and writing. Teacher Candidates will connect their learning of Indigenous Knowledge and practices to their role as educators.

The purpose of this alternative settings placement is to demonstrate that Indigenous Knowledge and Indigenous ways of knowing are relevant pedagogies in the 21st century and will help Teacher Candidates feel better equipped to incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing in to their classrooms and practice.

For more information, please contact Bobby Henry (shenry@trentu.ca)