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School of Education

Image of Green Up's Learning Garden landscape

School of Education

The Learning Garden

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Teacher Candidates experience workshops, curriculum development, and garden-based activities at local school and community sites to personally develop a connection to a learning garden. The program involves partnerships with The Peterborough Garden Network and Ecology Park.

The objectives of the alternative 75 hour placement include:

* Providing Teacher Candidates with the knowledge, motivation, and skills to facilitate the transmission of an environmental consciousness to their future students; 
* Developing eco-literacy knowledge and skills;
* Learning about local food sustainability and environmental leadership;
* Environmental education connections to the Ontario curriculum through language, math, science & social studies, physical and health education, and the arts;
* Assist Teacher Candidates in critically implementing the Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow: Environmental Education in Ontario Schools (2009) policy framework.

» For more information about this opportunity, please contact: kellyyoung@trentu.ca