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Student life experience another bonus at Trent University

As found in Oshawa This Week opinion piece. Columnist Nilo Honarbakhsh enjoys how the university engages its students.

When I think of Trent University Durham GTA, I think of an inclusive and engaging community. With a population of roughly 1,400 students, campus could be considered small in comparison to other university campuses. For me, a smaller campus means limitless opportunity. In fact, at Trent Durham, there is something engaging happening on campus every day.

Some days I will see a yoga and meditation class happening in the front atrium, intense foosball tournaments in the café́, and my personal favourite, therapy dogs. The dazzling atmosphere and close- knit community of Trent Durham GTA makes it impossible not to get involved.

As a social work student, I was delighted to find out there was an active social work association club. Through the club I’ve participated in campus initiatives — most recently I helped co-ordinate a petition to create a rainbow crosswalk on campus — and also participated in clothing and food drives, gaining more knowledge and awareness of local non-profit agencies in the Durham Region, and their work for the community. I’m looking forward to engaging with the community even more this term as part of my placement hours, which will surely help me gain experience and make connections for my future career.

The more I participate on campus, the more opportunities have opened up for me. I have taken on leadership roles on campus, such as orientation leader, club executive, and I have been on various student government committees.

Many perks come with being a Trent Durham student. I always imagined university to be a vigorous, non-stop cycle of studying, and don’t get me wrong, it is all these things, but by belonging to a campus that offers so many unique ways of engaging students, my workload doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

I’ve come to recognize that a smaller campus community has provided me with a memorable and meaningful university experience that has included opportunities to create friendships, explore my interests, and prepare for my future career, outside the classroom.

Now in my third-year, I am grateful to say Trent University Durham GTA has brought an amazing student life experience so far. I can’t wait to further indulge in the Trent Durham experience in my final years.

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— Nilo Honarbakhsh is a third-year social work student at Trent University GTA

Posted on January 7, 2019