Online Programs

Challenge the way you think… about how and where you complete your postsecondary education. With Trent Online, you’ll get a front row seat to an engaging learning environment and online community, filled with opportunities for you to interact with professors and fellow classmates.

You’ll have year-round access to a wide range of programs and courses taught by leading faculty, as well as rich multimedia content such as video, simulations, virtual gaming and more.

The Trent Online Advantage

  • Freedom of flexibility: work at your own pace, negotiate your exam schedule, and structure your courses and timetable to best suit you
  • Choose from over 100 different courses offered each year across a diverse range of programs
  • Get ahead in your studies by taking an online course in the summer

Popular Courses

  • Dreams and Dreaming
  • Death in the Peaceable Kingdom: Canadian History through Murder, Execution, Assassination, and Suicide
  • The Revolution Will Be Recorded: Popular Culture, Gender, and Social Movements
  • Computer Crime and Forensics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Genetics
  • Love and Hate
  • Islam and Terrorism
  • Social Construction of Sexuality
  • Deviance and Social Control