Mature & Transfer Students

Mature & Transfer Student Orientation Information

There are a number of programs available to new students to prepare them for the start of their academic life at Trent. While all these programs and activities are important and meaningful, some of the events may not be pertinent to students who are mature or transferring form another post-secondary institution.

While all orientation programming is open to any new Trent University students, there are several events that are specifically targeted to groups of students. Below, you will find information about current orientation programs and how a mature/transfer student can be involved, along with a link to specific programming geared to engage and prepare mature students for the start of their academic life at Trent.

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Please join us for the Mature & Transfer Student Orientation taking place on Wednesday September 4, 2019. Please click here for more information!

Summer Orientation is an excellent opportunity to learn more about academic resources, services, and opportunities available to all students. This program is beneficial for all students, regardless of their age or academic background. At Summer Orientation, students will have an opportunity to speak with an academic advisor, learn more about the benefits plan available to all students, and meet a number of professional staff who can outline opportunities mature students can experience at Trent. A typical Summer Orientation runs for approximately 5 hours, with a special session for parents and supporters. If you decide to attend with a friend, partner, or with children, they are more than welcome to join you in the student sessions, or participate in the parent & supporter session running concurrently. 



Bring it On! is an overnight orientation experience which aims to develop relationships between peers and upper-year leaders. While the activities aim to be inclusive to all abilities and backgrounds, the typical age of those who participate in the weekend is 17-20 years old. 



Summer Connect is an online orientation initiative which takes place within an app run by the Trent Central Student Association. The app features important information pertinent to all students, including bus and transportation information, links to services and resources available on campus, a highlight of all events taking place on campus, along with links to connect with clubs and groups. The app is also utilized in the summer months to connect groups of students with upper-year mentors. Through direct messaging and public wall posts, group members are able to ask questions, learn more about their peers, and better prepare for the start of the academic year.

This year, mature students will be placed within a group featuring other mature and transfer students. This provides mature students with the ability to ask questions, meet other mature students, and better prepare them for the start of the school year at Trent.

Summer Connect will launch the first week of August. Information will initially be sent out through email.



Orientation Week is the largest orientation program available for students, with over 100 activities and events run over 6 days. The week is launched with Move-In Day, followed by a number of different activities to build community engagement within the colleges. While the programming is beneficial for new students with building relationships, many events may not be as valuable for mature and transfer students. Please visit the Mature & Transfer Orientation page to learn about specific activities geared toward the needs of mature students.