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Current Students

Trent University student working at a desk with a laptop in Bata library

Prizes and Awards

TI-TISA Prizes and Awards

Each year in March, Trent International (TI) and Trent International Student Association (TISA) recognizes current Trent international students who have made significant contributions or demonstrated leadership for the Trent international community. These students are nominated by their peers, staff, and faculty members for achieving one of the following prizes and awards:  


Award Name Description
Hulcoop Cup Presented to a first-year student in recognition of outstanding contributions to the international life of the University.

Continuing International Student Award (in Honour of former TI staff Cynthia Bennett Awe) 

Presented to a continuing international student in recognition of his/her contributions.

Trent International Staff Award

Presented to a continuing Canadian student in recognition of his/her contributions.

ESL Award

Presented to a student who has made a positive contribution to the ESL, TI, Trent, and/or the Peterborough communities.

Exchange Award

Presented to an exchange or year abroad student who has contributed significantly to the study abroad program and international life at Trent.

Karanja Njoroge Community Service Award

Presented to a student in recognition of his/her active involvement in development education both at Trent University and in the wider community.

Leonard Conolly Award

Presented to recognize a student’s outstanding commitment and contribution to the support of refugee students.

David Morrison Award

Presented to a graduating student in recognition of substantial involvement at Trent, Trent International, and genuine devotion to the ideals of internationalization.

Jack Matthews Award

Presented to a graduating student to recognize outstanding commitment and contributions to internationalization, both locally and globally.

Paul Longhurst Student Volunteer Award (New since 2019)

Presented to a student to recognize volunteer contributions in assisting and supporting Trent’s new and current international students. 

Dr. Mike Allcott Prize

Established in honour of former Trent International Program Director Dr. A. Michael Allcott by a grateful international Trent alumnus who recognizes and values the impact of Trent International and its Global Citizen Scholarship. Awarded annually to continuing undergraduate international student(s) in recognition of their significant leadership contributions to Trent University and its international community.