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Record of Trent University Titles, Honours, and Awards

Record of Trent University Titles, Honours, and Awards

Board of Governors Chairs
Honorary Degree Recipients
Eminent Service Award Winners
Distinguished Research Award Winners
Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching Winners
Governor General's Medals Winners
President's Medal Winners
Undergraduate Medal Winners



The Hon. Leslie M. Frost, P.C., Q.C., LL.D., D.C.L. (1967 - 1973)
The Hon. Eugene A. Forsey, O.C., M.A., PH.D., LL.D., D.LITT., F.R.S.C. (1973 - 1977)
William L. Morton, O.C., M.A., B.LITT., LL.D., D.LITT., F.R.HIST.S. (1977 - 1980)
Margaret Laurence, C.C., B.A., D.LITT., LL.D. (1981 - 1983)
John J. Robinette, C.C., B.A., Q.C., D.C.L., LL.D. (1984 - 1987)
F. Kenneth Hare, C.C., B.SC., PH.D., LL.D., D.LITT., D.S.LITT., D.SC., F.K.C., F.R.S.C. (1988 - 1995)
Mary May Simon, C.M., LL.D. (1996 - 1999, and 2002)
Peter John Gzowski, C.C., LL.D., D.Litt. (1999 - 2002)
Roberta Lynn Bondar, O.C., O.ONT., B.SC., M.SC., M.D., PH.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.C. (2003 - 2009)
Tom Jackson, O.C., LL.D. (2009-2013)
Don Tapscott B.SC., LL.D. (2013-present)



Thomas H. B. Symons (1963 - 1972)
Thomas E. W. Nind (1972 - 1979)
Donald F. Theall (1980 - 1987)
John O. Stubbs (1987 - 1993)
Leonard W. Conolly (1994 - 1997)
David  C. Smith - Interim President (1997 - 1998)
Bonnie M. Patterson (1998 - 2009)
Dr. Steven E. Franklin, Ph.D., FCASI (2009-2014)
Dr. Leo Groarke, Ph.D. (2014-Present)


Board of Governors Chairs

1962-1967 Charles Fraser
1967-1971 Hugh Waddell
1971-1975 Bernard Sandwell
1975-1980 David Woods
1980-1984 Erica Cherney
1984-1986 Jon Grant
1987-1991 John dePencier
1991-1994 Robert Stephenson
1994-1999 Jalynn Bennett
1999-2002 Gary Wolff
2002-2008 Reid Morden
2008-2011 David Morton
2011-2014 Anne Wright
2014-2016 Bryan Davies
Rod Taylor, Term started July 1st 2016 – Present


Honorary Degree Recipients

Year Recipient Degree
1967 Major James William Coldwell Doctor of Laws
  Edwin Mirvish Doctor of Laws
  Bora Laskin Doctor of Laws
  Charles Allan Ashley Doctor of Letters
  Alex Colville Doctor of Letters
1968 Charles K. Fraser Doctor of Laws
  Rev. Roger Guindon Doctor of Laws
  Wilfrid Bennett Lewis Doctor of Laws
  Hon. James Chalmers McRuer Doctor of Laws
  Alexander Brady Doctor of Letters
  Floyd Sherman Chalmers Doctor of Letters
1969 Col. John Alexander Dewart Doctor of Laws
  Louis Fine Doctor of Laws
  Doris Eileen Lewis Doctor of Laws
  Hon. John Howard Sissons Doctor of Laws
  Morris Bishop Doctor of Letters
1970 Edward Hewlett Johnson Doctor of Laws
  Fern Alma Rahmel Doctor of Laws
  James Alexander Corry Doctor of Letters
  Gratien Gelinas Doctor of Letters
1971 Gilbert Bagnani Doctor of Laws
  George Parkin Grant Doctor of Laws
  Donald James LeRoy Doctor of Laws
  Ronald James Thom  Doctor of Laws
  Alan Stewart Paton Doctor of Letters
1972 Hon. Therese F. Casgrain Doctor of Laws
  Hon. Mr. Justice Samuel Freedman Doctor of Laws
  Lady Mary Helen Ogilvie Doctor of Laws
  William Augustus Ritchie Doctor of Laws
  Margaret Laurence Doctor of Letters
1973 (spring) Kathleen Coburn Doctor of Letters
  Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter Doctor of Laws
  Winona Grace MacInnis Doctor of Laws
  Gilbert Ryle Doctor of Laws
1973 (fall) Margaret Eleanor Atwood Doctor of Letters
  Louis Rasminsky Doctor of Laws
1974 (spring) Harry Joseph Boyle Doctor of Letters
  John Morgan Gray Doctor of Laws
  Ross Munro Matthews Doctor of Laws
1974 (fall) Robertson Davies Doctor of Letters
1975 (spring) William Herbert Cranston Doctor of Laws
  John Harry Ebbs Doctor of Laws
  Thomas Henry Bull Symons Doctor of Laws
  Gilles Vigneault Doctor of Letters
1975 (fall) James Robbins Kidd Doctor of Laws
  Edith Margaret Fulton Fowke Doctor of Letters
1976 (spring) Donald Olding Hebb Doctor of Laws
  William Reid Doctor of Laws
  Charles Stewart Almon Ritchie Doctor of Laws
  Marie Tremaine Doctor of Letters
1977 (spring) Celia Franca Doctor of Laws
  Jose M. Valverde Doctor of Letters
1977 (fall) John Charles Polanyi Doctor of Laws
  Gordon Hamilton Southam Doctor of Laws
  William Hugh Kenner Doctor of Letters
1978 (spring) S. Robert Blair Doctor of Laws
  Francis Edward Paxton Whitehead Doctor of Laws
  Eugene Alfred Forsey Doctor of Letters
1978 (fall) Stanley Howard Knowles Doctor of Laws
  A.J.M. Smith Doctor of Letters
1979 (spring) Frederick Kenneth Hare Doctor of Laws
  Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Doctor of Laws
  Harry Reginald Williams Doctor of Laws
  Mary Louise Northway Doctor of Letters
1979 (fall) Frank Radford Crawley Doctor of Laws
  Arnold Cantwell Smith Doctor of Laws
  Wilfred Cantwell Smith Doctor of Letters
1980 (spring) Margaret Leonore MacKelvie Doctor of Laws
  William Belmont Common Doctor of Laws
  Sir Alfred Ayer Doctor of Letters
1980 (fall) Leo Yaffe Doctor of Letters
  Bernard Danton Sandwell Doctor of Laws
1981 (spring) Peter Theodore Demos Doctor of Laws
  Trevor Lloyd Doctor of Laws
  Raymond Moriyama Doctor of Laws
1981 (fall) David T. Suzuki Doctor of Laws
1982 (spring) Timothy Findley Doctor of Letters
  Malcolm Mackenzie Ross Doctor of Letters
  Beverly Northcott Smallman Doctor of Laws
1982 (fall) Karen Kain Doctor of Laws
  David Sutherland Doctor of Laws
1983 (spring) Donald Chant Doctor of Laws
  Maureen Forrester Doctor of Laws
  Maxwell Ward Doctor of Laws
1983 (fall) Tommy Douglas Doctor of Laws
  Joseph Jacobs Doctor of Laws
1984 (spring) Thomas Berger Doctor of Laws
  Lois Wilson Doctor of Laws
1984 (fall) George Connell Doctor of Laws
  George Ignatieff Doctor of Laws
  Ronald Watts Doctor of Laws
1985 (spring) F. Norman Jewison Doctor of Laws
  W.O. Mitchell Doctor of Laws
1985 (fall) John Holmes Doctor of Laws
  Jack McClelland Doctor of Laws
1986 (spring) William Fisher Doctor of Laws
  Timothy Porteous Doctor of Laws
  Donald Rickerd Doctor of Laws
1986 (fall) Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Doctor of Laws
  Andrei Dimitrievich Sakharov Doctor of Laws
  Hon. Mr. Justice Walter Surma Tarnopolsky Doctor of Laws
1987 (spring) Meyer Brownstone Doctor of Laws
  Pierre Juneau Doctor of Laws
  Sister Veronica O'Reilly Doctor of Laws
1987 (Installation) Alan Earp Doctor of Laws
1987 (fall) William Dray Doctor of Laws
  Peter Gzowski Doctor of Laws
1988 (spring) Edward Walter Scott Doctor of Laws
  Diane Lynn Dupuy Doctor of Laws
1988 (August) Charles Evan Feinberg Posthumous LL.D.
1988 (fall) Douglas Campbell Sadler Doctor of Laws
1989 (spring) Raymond Murray Schafer Doctor of Letters
  Edith Grace Firth Doctor of Laws
  Geraldine Anne Kenney-Wallace Doctor of Laws
  John Alexander Irving Young Doctor of Laws
1989 (fall) Marion Golda Fry Doctor of Letters
  Richard Hay Sadleir Doctor of Letters
  S.G. Denis Smith Doctor of Letters
  Hugh Franklin Waddell Doctor of Laws
  Walter George Ward Doctor of Laws
1990 (spring) Dennis Dickens Sweeting Doctor of Letters
  Kenneth Earl Kidd Doctor of Laws
  Martha Ann Kidd Doctor of Laws
  Harold Barling Town Doctor of Laws
  Ralph Ray Krueger Doctor of Laws
1990 (fall) Scott Alexander Young Doctor of Letters
  Beth Appeldoorn Doctor of Laws
  Susan Sandler Doctor of Laws
1991 (spring) Clara Thomas Doctor of Letters
  Gary Potts Doctor of Laws
  T.E.W. Nind Doctor of Laws
  Morden Yolles Doctor of Laws
1991 (fall) Wayland Drew Doctor of Letters
  Jon Grant Doctor of Laws
  Stanley Rowe Doctor of Laws
1992 John Kim Bell Doctor of Laws
  Jack Matthews Doctor of Laws
  Julia Phelps Doctor of Laws
  Bertha Wilson Doctor of Laws
1993 Inger Hansen Doctor of Laws
  David Trevor Moore Doctor of Laws
  Walter George Pitman Doctor of Laws
1994 Ernest Benedict Doctor of Laws
  Douglas Cardinal Doctor of Laws
  Rosemarie Kuptana Doctor of Laws
1995 Dennis Beynon Lee Doctor of Letters
  Nancy Ruth Doctor of Laws
  David William Schindler Doctor of Laws
1996 Julia Ann Johnston Doctor of Letters
  Robert (Bob) Michael Gainey Doctor of Laws
1997 Michael Granville Valpy Doctor of Letters
  Sylva Malka Gelber Doctor of Laws
1998 Mary Cynthia Walsh Doctor of Laws
  Ian Keith Affleck Doctor of Laws
  Dorothy Kate Burnham Doctor of Laws
1999 Chris Austin Hadfield Doctor of Laws
  Madeleine Parent Doctor of Laws
2000 Tom Jackson Doctor of Laws
  Alanis Obomsawin Doctor of Laws
2001 James Jude Joseph Orbinski Doctor of Laws
  Ernest Arthur Coombs Doctor of Laws
2002 John Dumaresq de Pencier Doctor of Laws
  Doris McCarthy Doctor of Laws
  David L. Morton Doctor of Laws
  John Daniel O'Leary Doctor of Laws
2003 Frank Joseph Augustyn Doctor of Laws
2004 Jean Murray Cole Doctor of Letters
  Donald N. LePan Doctor of Letters
  Alistair MacLeod Doctor of Letters
  Patricia Kathleen (P.K.) Page / P.K. Irwin Doctor of Letters
  The Hon. Rosalie Silberman Abella Doctor of Laws
  Terence Dickinson Doctor of Laws
2005 Erica Cherney Doctor of Laws
  Lt. Gen. The Hon. Romeo A. Dallaire Doctor of Laws
  John David (Jake) Eberts Doctor of Laws
  Mary May Simon Doctor of Laws
2006 Richard B. Wright Doctor of Letters
  Charles S. Coffey Doctor of Laws
  Roberta Jamieson Doctor of Laws
  Donald Tapscott Doctor of Laws
2007 Stuart McLean Doctor of Letters
  Dr. Ron Fourney Doctor of Laws
  Dr. Rosemary Speirs Doctor of Laws
  Mr. Jim Balsillie Doctor of Laws
  Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain Doctor of Laws
  Mr. Wallace McCain Doctor of Laws
2008 Mr. Hugh Anson-Cartwright Doctor of Letters
  Mr. Zacharias Kunuk Doctor of Laws
  Mr. Donnell Leahy Doctor of Laws
  Honourable Flora MacDonald Doctor of Laws
  Ms. Natalie MacMaster Doctor of Laws
  Mr. Michael Iain MacKay MacMillan Doctor of Laws
2009 Ms. Maude Barlow Doctor of Laws
  Ms. Sarah Polley Doctor of Laws
  Ms. Iona Campagnolo Doctor of Laws
  Mr. Tom Porter Doctor of Laws
  Ms. Mary Pratt Doctor of Laws
2010 Honourable Peter Adams  Doctor of Laws
  Honourable William G. Davis Doctor of Laws
  Mr. Robert Glossop Doctor of Laws
  Mr. John Mighton Doctor of Laws
  Ms. Nancy Strickland Doctor of Laws
2011 Mr. Rick Beaver Doctor of Laws
  Ms. Sandra Laronde Doctor of Laws
  The Right Honourable Kim Campbell Doctor of Laws
  Ms. Lauren Woolstencroft Doctor of Laws
  Mr. Craig Kielburger  Doctor of Laws
2012 Mr. Gwynne Dyer Doctor of Letters
  Mr. Mark Starowicz Doctor of Letters
  Ms. Sheila Fraser Doctor of Laws
  Mr. Ralph Heintzman Doctor of Laws
  Ms. Judith Shamian Doctor of Laws
2013 Justin Chiu Doctor of Laws
  Bharrat Jagdeo Doctor of Laws
  The Honourable Ed Broadbent Doctor of Laws
  Bruce Falls Doctor of Science
2014 Richard Johnston Doctor of Laws
  David Patterson Doctor of Laws
  Wade Davis  Doctor of Science
  Shelagh Grant  Doctor of Letters
  Joseph Boyden    Doctor of Letters
2015 Michael Thrasher Doctor of Laws
  Martha Friendly Doctor of Laws
  Drew Monkman Doctor of Science
  Peter Raymont Doctor of Letters
  Stephen Stohn Doctor of Letters
2016 Kathleen Taylor Doctor of Laws
  Michael de Pencier Doctor of Laws
  Linwood Barclay Doctor of Letters
  Roy MacGregor Doctor of Letters
2017 Fiona Sampson Doctor of Laws
  Keith Knott Doctor of Laws
  The Honourable Jean Augustine Doctor of Laws
  John & Thea Patterson Doctor of Laws
  The Right Honourable Paul Martin Doctor of Laws
  Stephen Poloz Doctor of Laws


Eminent Service Award Recipients

1978 Julia Phelps
Hugh Waddell
1979 no award
1980 Don Cameron
1981 Jack Lodge
1982 David Woods
1983 Kenneth Kidd
1984 Bay Bell
1985 David Scoble
1986 Erica Cherney
1987 Maurice Boote
David Macmillan
1988 Jack Martin
1989 Spring Nan Belfry

1989 Fall*

*special 25th Anniversary Year

Mary Amyotte
​Arlene Davis
John Moore
1990 Spring Alf Cole
1990 Fall Joan Knowles
1991 Helen Whiteside
1992 Nancy Sherouse
1993 John de Pencier
1994 Robert W.F. Stephenson
1995 Frederick Kenneth Hare
1996 Merritt Edward Gordon
1997 no award
1998 Joan Barbara Hamilton
1999 Donald Arthur Ferrier
Patricia Anne Stode
2000 Eugene McKeiver
Kerry Taylor
2001 Margaret Sanders
Lois Davidson
2002 Paul S.B. Wilson
A.A. (Tony) van Hoeckel
2003 Linda Slavin
2004 John W. Earnshaw
Carol Murray
2005 J. Kenneth Fowler
2006 Elwood H. Jones
Edward W.H. Tremain (posthumous)
2007 Dianne Choate
David Morrison
2008 Susan (Tui) Menzies
2009 Jalynn Bennett
Joyce Sutton
Shirley Rolufs
2010 John Wadland
2011 Winnie Janzen
Gordon Johnston
Kate Ramsay
Tony Storey
Colin Taylor
2012 Deborah Berrill
John Breukelaar
2013 Betty Clark
2014 Katherine Curle
2015 Jim Sutcliffe
James Struthers
2016 Peter Dawson
Marian Leahy
2017 Kathy Fife
Elizabeth Popham

Distinguished Research Award Recipients

1987 John Gilchrist
1988 David Kettler
1989 Keith Oldham 
1990 John Fekete 
1991 Joan M. Vastokas 
1992 Gordon Winocur
1993 John Burbidge 
1994 Paul Healy
1995 Raymond E. March
1996 Douglas McCalla
1997 Robert Paehlke
1998 Tom Hutchinson
1999 Michael Peterman
2000 Alena Heitlinger
2001 Carlyle Smith
2002 Joan Sangster
2003 John Topic
2004 Peter Dillon
2005 Leonard Conolly
2006 Barbara Marshall
2007 Chris Metcalfe
2008 James Struthers
2009 Stephen Katz
2010 Douglas Evans
2011 Bryan Palmer
2012 Jacqueline Solway
2013 Don Mackay
2014 Ian Storey
2015 Haroon Akram-Lodhi
2016 Suresh Narine
2017 David Sheinin

Symons' Award for Excellence in Teaching Winners

1977 John H. Wadland
1978 Michael Berrill
1979 Stuart Robson
James Jury
1980 Ishwar C. Chakravartty
1981 Fred B. Tromly
1982 John Syrett
1983 Fred Wheatley
1984 Constantin Boundas
1985 Robert J.D. Page
1986 John Milloy
1987 Robert Carter
Marion Fry
1988 Deborah Berrill
Alan Wilson
1989 Joan Sangster
1990 no award
1991 Morton S. Berkowitz
1992 Alan Slavin 
1993 Stephen Brown 
1994 Robert Campbell
1995 David G. Poole
1996 Christl Verduyn
1997 James Sutcliffe
1998 Deborah Parnis
1999 Susan Wurtele
2000 Sarah Keefer
2001 Richard Hurley
2002 Paul S.B. Wilson
2003 David F.R. Page
2004 Eric Helleiner
2005 Carolyn Kay
2006 Geoffrey D. Eathorne
2007 Ivana Elbl
2008 Emilia Angelova
2009 Molly Blyth
2010 Paul Shaffer
2011 Stephen Hill
2012 Tom Hutchinson
2013 Keith Walden
2014 Mark Dickinson
2015 Marg Hobbs
2016 Joel Baetz
2017 Deborah Kennett

Governor General's Medals

Year Gold Medal Winners Silver Medal Winners
1970 Barbara Jean Finlayson  
1971 James Francis Butler  
1972 John Douglas Poff  
1973 Robert Benjamin Joyce  
1974 Simon Piers Farthing  
1975 Ian Keith Affleck  
1976 Leslie-Ann Hales  
1977 Catherine Gwen Taylor  
1978 Warren Clark Morrison  
1979 Mary Jean Gibbons  
1980 Randall Austin Leavitt  
1981 Richard Howard Harrison  
1982 Steven Robert Elgie  
1983 Sarah Magdalen Helwig  
1984 Joerge Dyrkton  
1985 Margaret Anne Wheatstone  
1986 Margaret Ellen Owens  
1987 Richard Kenneth Dalton  
1988 James Robert Allum (fall) Christa Lee Colyer 
1989 Real Robert Fillion (fall) Richard Paul Suttie
1990 Robert James Muir (fall) Donald Keith Stewart 
1991 David Michael Janz (fall) Martin Robert Boyne
1992 Marco Luigi Adria  Robert Gordon Morrison
1993 Peter Crompton van Wyck  Stephanie Ann Ellis 
1994 Steven William Scofield Margaret Elizabeth Pacey
1995 Peter Gordon Symons Julian Kenneth Christians
1996 Susan Jane Hynds Anthony Douglas Cole
1997 Michèle Lorraine Therese Proulx Fanny Dolansky
1998 Dawn Marie Burke Rampal Singh Dosanjh
1999 Susan Margaret Knabe Jennifer Kathleen McDonald
2000 Sonja Andrea Schwake Sarah Joanne Karram
2001 Kenneth Gregory Drouillard Francisco Vicente Barillas
2002 Matthew John MacLeod Lisa Joanne Rahmer
2003 Rosa Elizabeth Barker Rebecca Jayne Reay
2004 Pauline Elaine Quesnelle Svetoslav Dimitrov Diamandiev
2005 Lynda Mannik Jesse Joseph Wheeler
2006 Susan Marie Hill Tam Nhan Quy
2007 Donica L. Belisle Ian Chute
2008 Erin Elizabeth Rees Edward Stokan
2009 Rebecca Pollock Jillian Rose Student
2010 Helen Margaret Baulch Joseph Samuel Steinman
2011 Heather Elizabeth Eaton Valerie Sarah Miller
2012 Rachel Herron Huong Thanh Nguyen
2013 Shayne Dahl Michelle D’Alessandro
2014 Nora Casson Sarah Buttle
2015 Michael J. L. Peers Duc Hien Nguyen
2016 Duane Rouselle Steven Ufkes
2017 Julia Maureen Smith Eliza McColl

President's Medal Winners

2009 Jon Arnot
David Hugill
Kateryna Keefer
2010 Allison L. Boyd
Debra Lizette Gentle
Karyn Tracey Dawn Recollet
2011 Michael Gowanlock
Matthew James Hamilton
Ted McCoy
2012 Graeme Young
Stephen Oni
2013 Catherine Ready
Chase Reaume
2014 Julia Grummit
Otto Bedard
Dilyana Mincheva
2015 Daniel Jay Uger Savage
David Rapaport
Stan Yavno
2016 Chad Warren Cuss
Rebecca Danielle Martin
Josée-Anne Otis
2017 Theresa Stotesbury
Amalia Moir
Tyler Jamieson

Undergraduate Medals

Year Symons Medal Winners Bagnani Medal Winners

Bruce Edward Gale 
Catherine Jean Good
Robert Benjamin Joyce
Margaret Rosemary King
Lynne Robertson
Charles Leonard Taylor


Donna Lynne Crowther
Simon Piers Farthing
Karen Lee Harding
Marjorie Manuel Schryer
Teresa Ann Thompson


Ian Keith Affleck
Bruce William Bellingham
Barbara Anne Blackwell
Phyllis Irene Colvin
James Stewart Reaney
Theodore Franz Schrecker


Irene Ip
Andrew Francis Milne
Patrick Bruce Rayfuse
Christl Francisca Verduyn
Philip Michael White
Deborah Emily Whiteman


Marie Lucie Genevieve Edwards
Kathleen Dawn Morrow
Katherine Mary Playfair
Gordon Lloyd Teskey
Marilyn Elizabeth Wadge


Martin Bryson Brown
Patricia Ann Chambers
John David Moffatt
Warren Clark Morrison
Peter Ross Underhill


Ronald Stuart Manley
Peter Malcolm Todd Paul
James Norman Retallack
Shelagh Scarth
Carol Gertrude Srivastava


Patricia Lynne Dawson
Lorraine Fern Doig
Randall Austin Leavitt

1980 (spring)

Jeremy Baumbach
Nancy Jean Christie
Jennifer Alice Dance
Nora Jane Fyles
Heather Louise Gordon

1980 (fall)

Darienne Lorraine McAuley​

1981 (spring)

James Stewart Burbidge
Michael Roy Hempstead
Sheree-Lee Molenaar
Barbara Jane Stephenson

1981 (fall)

Marilyn Jo-Anne Bettridge
Christopher George Jackson

1982 (spring)

David Brooks Deaton
Donald Rayner Edwards
Mary Lang Mariel Grant
Sarah Magdalen Helwig
Linda Rae Luft
Merrie-Ellen Wilcox

1983 (spring)

Heather Margaret Avery
James Herries Cole
Mary Lang Muriel Grant
Robert Gordon Knapp
Linda Rae Luft
Debora Joan Van Os

1984 (sping) Paul Andre Belanger
Sandra Lynn Giles
Alan Forbes Kingstone
Wayne John Norman
Margaret Ellen Owens
Tamara Aviva Wright
1984 (fall)

Joseph Edward Cebek​

1985 (spring)

Brian Richard Day
Catherine Anne Hoyt
Anne Louise Parsons
Maureen Reedyk
Wendi Louise Scholfield

1985 (fall)

Jacqueline Winters

1986 (spring)

Jacqueline Ruth Code
Richard Kenneth Dalton
Jennifer Irene Gillard
Maureen Reedyk
Wendi Louise Scholfield
Donna Susan Tudhope

1987 (spring) Jacqueline Ruth Code
Peter Wayne Farrugia
Robert Gary Hornung
James Mark Langdon
Isla Herries Whillans
​Lori Ellen Wright
1987 (fall)

Katrina Kilroy
Kevin John Chappell

1988 (spring)

Jane Suzanne Bailey
Stephen Michael Barber
James Charles Barkley Lawson

Darren Richard Huston
Vicki Marilyn Pettigrew
Richard Paul Suttie

1988 (fall)

Katherine Eleanor Craik

Scott Gordon Powell
1989 (spring)

Darren Richard Huston
Donna Elizabeth MacGillis
Scott Gordon Powell

Lisa Brenda Barnoff
Martin Robert Boyne
Gaurav Kumar

1989 (fall)  

Hilary Arden Lee

1990 (spring)

William Scott Graves
Lisa Lynn Morton
Alison Lorette Van Rooy

Geraldine Frances Beauchamp
Peter Franz Kalhok
David Edward Prime

1990 (fall)

Gaurav Kumar

James William Apers
1991 (spring)

James William Apers
Joshua David Barker
Linda Irene Walker

Khang Min Lee
Joy Marie Morris
Robert Gordon Morrison

1991 (fall)

Dejan Obradovic

Lynda Maureen Morrison

Rateb Abu-Hamdeh
Khang Min Lee
Joy Marie Morris

Lifeng Chen
Stephanie Ann Ellis
Soon Aun Yeap


James Arthur Conway
Diane Dolorosa Maxwell
Danielle Thérèse McCann
Soon Aun Yeap

Kai Hartley Alderson
Eric Robert Beck


Sukitha Kunasegaran
Mary Elizabeth Leighton
Bradley Morgan Levett
Joseph Leo Andrew Maurice

Deborah Susan Gordon Buckley
Barbara Elizabeth Kyselka


Darek Dawda
William Joseph Dodge
Matja Jamnik
Andrew J. Rorabeck

Larry Edward Hoover
Sarah Kate van Diepen


Arlene Leslie Allan
Jenneth Elizabeth Curtis
Susan Margaret Knabe
Alain Rene Van Ryckeghem

Uwaya Erdmann
Kevin Lloyd Robinson


Jeta Bylykbashi
Brian McInnes
Debra Primeau
Ilana Weitzman

Ann Margret Bersky
Karen Gowanlock


Elizabeth Anne Haack
Stephen Patrick O'Connell
Nicholas John Stardom
Geoffrey Andrew Michael Wild

Joseph Peter Heil
Kimberley Adele Ferguson


Rachel Francesca Moll
Melanie Mooy
Claire Louise Senior
Valerie Tupling Ansdell

Judith Ann Atkinson
John William Sellers


Jane Marie Heffernan
Mark Steven Irvine
Nisha Rashmi Parikh
Judith Ann Atkinson

Michael Joseph Gemmiti
Stephen P. Sayer


Rana Bose
Paul Allen Smith
Laura E. Kenton
Derrick Bradford McIntosh

Elizabeth Mary Sleight
Lauren Alison Webster


Roman Dolinschi
Mathias Joshua Kom
Shawn Andrew Penson
Cheri Lynn Wright

Isabelle Beaudet
Jennifer Marguerite Sprague


Andrea Shelley Etmanskie
Sarah Rose Lamble
Michelle Picard-Aitken
Jennifer Maria Rossmann

Lisa Ann Lucchese
Ursula Meier


Karen Louise Acton
Kelly Patricia Holmes
Jennifer Hubbarde
Mark Jay Palmer

Johanna Wilhelmina Kowacz
Maureen Elizabeth O’Reilly


Cristina Chifor
Maria-Anna Huber
Barbara Jean Longland
Stephanie May McGregor

Wendy Legere
Kristine Anne Williamson


Michelle Bissonnette
Emily Coll Maddocks
Geoffrey Jordan Cameron
Katrine Alvarado Karlsson

Arlene Louise Hodder
Shannon Ruth Walker


Geron Andre Bindseil
Julian Emrys Atfield
Sarah Ann MacLeod-Beaver
Ryan Coghlin

Susan Auld Laidlaw
Heather Anne Gardiner


Colleen Elizabeth Doyle
Trevor John Dunn
Timothy James McMurtry Howlett
Virginia Anne Portmann

Kristopher Harrop
Melissa Rae Lunn


Eric Brown
Callie Downer
Carolyn Allison Watters
Joseph Keith Wood

Christine Diane Evans
Sarah Louise Newton Follett


Edwina Vanessa Ip
Stefanie Kaczmarek
Yan Peng
Paul Jacob Seli

Erik Cameron
Laurel Ann Nissen


Emily Constance Malcolm
Angelica Lena Lucy Mendaglio
​William Henry Michael Pemberton
Theresa Elizabeth Stotesbury

Gabrielle Louise Doreen
Tarannum Syed


Justin David Sutton
Nicolas Eric Sweanor
Thomas Coulton Royle
Elizabeth Morrison

Margaret Donaldson-Kuntz
Kavetha Ragni Krishnan


Ha Nguyen
Elsa Labuschagne
Susan Manning
Jennifer Carter

Jordan Hurley

Linh Tran
Julian Tennent-Riddell
Brian Lukaszewicz
Liam Ledgerwood

Susan Jones
Lindsay Dixon


Raheleh Haji Gholam Saryazdi
Ryan Cole
Eamonn Corrigan
Jennifer Rowden

Victoria Silvera
Emily Nisbett


Tobias Bernstein
Maria Carruthers
Alexandra Mateer
James Richard Kouri Godfrey

Alexander Bourgeois
Robyn Linda Hummel

2017 Kirsty Bowie
Cheyanne Degagne
David Shadlock
Alyssa Brown
Carolyn Bushuk
Shelby Potier