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Continuing Education

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Continuing Education

Learn Spanish Through Conversation

Learn Spanish Through Conversation

Thursdays, May 17th to June 21st, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

Location: Traill College, Scott House 105, 300 London Street.

Cost: $20 per class (+ HST). Register online at https://www.regonline.com/learnspanishssession2

This course is designed to stress verbal proficiency in the Spanish language. Conversational Spanish will be taught in a small-group setting that will focus on learning words and phrases that are  used in everyday conversations. During the first half of the class, basic themes such as travelling, hobbies and interests, making friends, ordering food, and developing professional relationships will  be introduced. The second half of the class will involve the use of these terms through conversations between the teacher and students. Previous knowledge of Spanish is not required for this course.

Thursday May 17: Introducing Oneself and Making Friends

The students will be presented with the phrases and terms commonly used when introducing oneself. They will be instructed on how to talk about their profession, their family, and their interests.

Thursday May 24: Hobbies and Interests

The students will be introduced to the terms and phrases required to share their personal interests with others including movies, music, and television shows.

Thursday May 31: Travelling

The students will be introduced to phrases and terms that are used when checking in and out of a hotel room, during airport interactions, and asking for directions.

Thursday June 7: Restaurant Interactions

This class will focus on practicing the terms that are used when ordering food at a restaurant and making a purchase at the market or a shop.

Thursday June 14: Professional Relationships and Job Interviews

This class will introduce the student to terms and questions commonly used in job interviews as well as terms and phrases required to develop professional relationships in a formal setting.

Thursday June 21: Latin American Culture

This class will focus on providing the student with terms, phrases, and background knowledge in regards to some of the important celebrations and traditions that define Latin American culture.

About the Instructor:

Marisol Campos-Navarrete is a PhD student and Teaching Assistant in the Indigenous Studies Department at Trent University. Spanish is her native language. She grew up in Mexico and moved to Canada in 2015. Because of her professional experience of 12 years working in community development projects in Indigenous Communities in Mexico and Central America, she is particularly interested in sharing the traditions and culture of Latin American countries.

Online registration is provided through RegOnline, a third-party registration service. An additional charge will be applied by RegOnline in addition to the course fee.

Avoid online fees by registering in person at the College Office during business hours with cash or a cheque. Traill College Office is in Scott House and is open Monday to Friday, 9 am - 3:30 pm.