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Continuing Education

Arabic Writing

Continuing Education

Arabic for Beginners Level II

Arabic for Beginners Level II

Saturdays, March 17th to May 12th, 1:00 - 3:00 pm.

Location: Traill College, Wallis Hall 224, 315 Dublin Street.

Cost: $20 per class (+ HST) before March 9th. $30 per class (+ HST) after March 9th.

Register online at https://www.regonline.com/arabiclevel2 or in person with cash or cheque at Scott House Room 102.4, 300 London Street, Traill College.

This course is aimed at teaching Arabic to English-speaking students. Students on this course will develop an understanding of the principles of phonology and script of the Arabic language, enabling them to read at a basic level about some every day topics; such as greetings, families, food and clothing. Students will also acquire the use of simple sentence structures for speaking and writing. In addition, this course will allow students to become familiar with some aspects of the Arabic culture.

Saturday March 17 - Introduction

Who is speaking Arabic, different dialects; difference between Arabic and English; introduction to Arabic Alphabet.

Saturday March 24 - Arabic letters: part 1

Arabic letters (five letters); Short Vowels; Conversation: Greeting.

Saturday March 31 - There is no class because of Easter weekend.

Saturday April 7 - Arabic letters: part 2

Arabic letters (six letters); Arabic numbers; Conversation: Introduce your self.

Saturday April 14 - Arabic letters: part 3

Arabic letters (five letters); Arabic numbers; Conversation: Learn pronouns.

Saturday April 21 - Arabic letters: part 4

Arabic letters (four letters); Arabic numbers; Conversation: Learn some verbs.

Saturday April 28 - Arabic letters: part 5

Arabic letters (four letters); Arabic numbers; Conversation: Taking coffee with your Arabian friend.

Saturday May 5 - Arabic letters: part 6

Arabic letters (four letters); Arabic numbers; Conversation: Asking for help or offering help.

Saturday May 12 - Write simple sentence in Arabic

Finishing, review Arabic letters; Write simple sentence in Arabic.

About the Instructor:
Amany Raslan is a teaching assistant of Physics at Trent University.  She moved to Peterborough four years ago to pursue her Masters degree. Now, she is a PhD student on Material Science Program. Arabic is her native language. She is from Egypt, and has a broad knowledge about middle east culture.

Online registration is provided through RegOnline, a third-party registration service. An additional charge will be applied by RegOnline in addition to the course fee.

Avoid online fees by registering in person at the College Office during business hours with cash or a cheque. Traill College Office is in Scott House and is open Monday to Friday, 9 am - 3:30 pm.