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Community-Based Research

Four individuals conversing in front of a Meals on Wheels banner.

Community-Based Research


Search our collection of local research reports, research posters, books, periodicals and reference materials through the Digital Collections at Trent University.

Our library is for you!

Located at the TCRC office, our library is the place to access 400+ local research reports on a broad range of topics identified by community groups since 1995. We also have a selection of books, periodicals and reference materials on community-based research, community service-learning, community development and experiential education.

Other local collections
Researchers may wish to access other local library collections. Some suggestions include: Trent Valley Archives, Trent University ArchivesPeterborough Museum and Archives and the Peterborough Public Library.

Calling all past TCRC researchers!

Often, work done for an individual organization can contribute to other projects or make up a portion of a larger body of work. It is in these connections and the availability of the information that the greater good of the community may be served. If you have completed a CBR project, please make sure that the TCRC Library has a copy of your report and/or final products! It will help future researchers and community members!

To view completed CBR project resources in Haliburton County, visit the Haliburton County Collection or drop by the U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research office.