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Community-Based Research

Community researchers gathering at annual Celebration of Researchers event.

Community-Based Research

Celebration of Research

Monday, March 25th, 9am to 12noon

Showcasing community-based research in Peterborough, Ontario

Every Spring, we celebrate student achievement in community-based research at an event that gives students the opportunity to showcase their work and share it with the community.

This year, join more than thirty students as they present their projects and share their findings with community members, Trent faculty, fellow students, and others interested in strengthening our community through original research.

You're invited to join the Trent Community Research Centre
-Annual Celebration of Research-

Monday, March 25th, 9am - 12noon, Trent University Student Centre- Atrium
1680 W Bank Dr, Peterborough, Ontario

Below are some pictures of previous years.


Previous year’s posters

The opportunity to pursue research that is relevant and applicable to the Peterborough community often motivates students to produce outstanding work. Below are some examples of the posters presented at the 2017 Celebration of Community Research.