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2017-2018 Ashley Fellow: Lara Kramer

Wednesday February 28

Public Artist Talk and Discovery of state of body workshop with reception in Scott House Senior Common Room

No dance experience required or expected
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Bagnani Hall, Traill College
40th Annual Ashley Fellow Lara Kramer (Oji-Cree), Artistic Director of Lara Kramer Danse will discuss her new work Phantom, stills & vibrations, that will be on exhibit at Artspace March 2 through 9. In the workshop component, Lara Kramer will bring participants into a creative process that supports the discovery of a state of body. The aim will be to explore and enter a state that will inform the physicality and theatricality of each individual. Working in solo form, participants will be encouraged to respond instinctually to lead explorations to develop an anchor, a central working system in the sensing body from which to build. Time will be allotted to develop and expand on personal connections made, deepening an awareness to the layering within state of body.

Contact: Nadine Changfoot