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Come and visit Catharine Parr Traill College! – this close knit community is Trent’s downtown campus.

Located near the downtown core, Traill College marks the point at which the university intersects with the Peterborough community.

Founded in 1964 as one of Trent’s two original colleges, Traill College is named for one of the early settlers in the area and is comprised of a collection of houses added onto the campus at different points during the 19th and 20th centuries, each house reflecting the architectural motifs of the time.

Get to know your college! The classrooms at Traill follow traditional Trent philosophy of learning in a smaller community. At Traill, students will find their classes take place in small groups, where they are better able to communicate with each other and their professors on a closer scale than allowed by the larger lecture halls of the university.

Undergraduate and graduate students can enjoy the Junior Common Room located in Scott House and The Trend, Traill College’s café located on the first floor of Wallis Hall.

Students at Traill get to take advantage of the college’s scenic location and architecture. Throughout the year the Scott House lawn is a popular location for meetings, studying outside, picking up a game of soccer or football, or even lying down under one of the many shady trees and grabbing a quick nap!

Recent years have placed Traill as the home of Trent's graduate students. Students both undergrad and graduate alike will find themselves in residence and taking classes at Traill’s campus, with many of the graduate students' offices located at the downtown campus.