Living Off-Campus

Everyone at Trent is a member of a college.  Students who are living in residence will become members of the  college where they live while off-campus students get to choose which college they would like to affiliate with.  

Learn more about how to choose your college.

Tips for living off-campus

The community in downtown Peterborough creates a vibrant welcoming atmosphere to live and learn in. Whether you move downtown after staying in residence, or you start your Trent career living in the city, Peterborough has a lot to offer students! The downtown core boasts everything from your basic amenities like groceries, banks, and laundry to specialty shops for crafts, clothing, coffee, and so much more!

If you’re looking for a place to rent for yourself or a group of people, be sure to check the Off-Residence Housing page for listings of all kinds. Once you've found a place, be sure to check out the tenant resources available for you as well!

If you’ve found accommodations for the year, now is the time to explore Downtown Peterborough! As an off-residence member of the Colleges, you have the advantage of all the amenities of campus and the amenities of being downtown on your doorstep! From shopping to great study locations to a wide variety of music, theatre, and art, Peterborough is a fantastic community to live in! Check out the Student Life Off-Campus page for a listing of some local attractions, popular events, and restaurants!

Reasons why you will LOVE downtown:

  • Quick commute to supermarkets, including the Saturday Farmer’s Market
  • Great social scene
  • Excellent local Cafes and Restaurants
  • Accommodating & punctual transit system
  • Lively student communities