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A group of LEC students participating in Orientation week


Get Involved

Get Involved Within your College

College Cabinets

Each college has their own student cabinet/government, who are dedicated and enthusiastic members of the college elected each year to represent their community. Being a member of a college cabinet is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills as a leader, to gain experience as a team player, and to obtain a better understanding of the interests and issues of the student body.

College Life Facilitators

As you enter each college office, you'll be greeted by a student who will help answer questions, assist with accessing resources, or simply provide a listening ear if you want to talk. 

College Community Liaisons

There is a team of students associated with each college office who are dedicated to building networks of people with similar interests within the community.  They also help promote events, assist with creating opportunities for student-faculty interactions, and support the development of events and activities. 

Summer College Ambassadors

During the summertime, two full-time student staff support the activities of the college office, which includes outreach to incoming students, promoting continued engagement by students who remain in the Peterborough area during the summertime, and planning for the year ahead.

Orientation Week Circular LogoCollege Orientation Co-Chairs

These long-standing volunteer positions are selected jointly by the College Cabinet, College Office and Student Affairs to plan Orientation Week activities that promote a healthy transition to university life and integration into the college community.

Orientation Leaders

Each college has a team of returning students who come back to campus at the end of the summer to assist with the implementation of Orientation Week.

College Volunteers

With a smaller weekly time commitment, these positions offer an opportunity to give back to the community in a meaningful way.  These positions are continually evolving to meet the needs of the college and the interests of those who come forward to help.  This is also an excellent way to developing valuable skills for future employment.

Residence Dons

These highly trained student staff live in residence and help to create a supportive environment; including everything from community building, to promoting safety, to providing peer-based support

Affiliated Clubs and Groups

Within each college there are a number of student groups who meet the specific needs of a unique group within the overall community. We continue to look for ways of strengthening these ties as we strive to ensure a full range of opportunities exist in the colleges to meet students' needs.