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College Space

Each college includes a variety of classrooms, faculty offices, residence rooms, a dining hall, student services and public meeting spaces. Explore these amazing features through a Virtual Tour!

Bookable Space

Many spaces are bookable through the myTrent portal - click on "Services," then "Room Bookings," then "Request a Specific Room."

Note that all bookings are subject to approval and there are some restrictions in place. Any questions about booking a College space can be directed to colleges@trentu.ca.

Guest Suites

The Champlain College Guest Suite is bookable through the Champlain College Office or the Colleges Assistant, and the Traill College Guest Suite through the Traill College Office.
More information about the Champlain College Guest Suite. 
More information about the Traill College Guest Suite.

Common Rooms

A room for studying, socializing, watching movies and special events can be found in Lady Eaton College, Otonabee and Champlain. In Gzowski, the college cabinet invites students to hang out in the space adjacent to their office area. Traill College has a beautiful Junior Common Room in Scott House.

Music Rooms & Pianos

Pianos can be found in all of the colleges. In Gzowski, it is located in room 345, in Otonabee in the OC Commons, and in both LEC and Champlain there are pianos in both the music room and dining hall. Traill College has three pianos for you to play. Music room keys are available from your College office.

Dining Halls

Due to the Bata Library Transformation, the Great Hall is being used as student study space. Due to this change for the 2017-2018 year, the Great Hall is not available for booking during the week when the cafeteria is open. The Great Hall is available to be reserved through the myTrent Room Booking Portal on Saturdays and Sundays only at the current time. The Great Hall is available to be reserved for both Fall and Winter Reading Breaks (October 23-27 and February 19-23).

Other Places to Study or Socialize

For students who are having difficulty finding a quiet place to study or visit with friends between classes, the LEC Pit and Junior Common Room often have lots of space.

Champlain College Living Learning Commons (CLLC)

The Champlain College Living Learning Commons has been renovated to be at the heart of our college community of learning.  University departments and programs, as well as student groups, may book the space through Room Bookings for co-curricular activities.  The CLLC is a community-affirming space for guest speakers, group meetings, reading groups and dialogues; it can also be used as a private dining room. The Living Learning Communities of Champlain, TGLC (the Trent Global Living Community), Active Living Community, use the space as an anchor location for their programming.

Due to the Bata Library Transformation, the CLLC is being used as a student study space, and has been utilized as a computer lab for the 2017-2018 year. Due to this change, the CLLC is only available for booking on the myTrent Room Bookings Portal between 12:00PM and 10:00PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the current time. With the presence of computer systems, please keep all food and drink properly contained and away from the computer systems if possile. Please be respectful of the space and the equipment, and be mindful when bringing food in the CLLC.