The College Experience

What is a College?

A College is a smaller community within the larger Trent community. Trent has five Colleges: Traill College, Champlain College, Lady Eaton College, Otonabee College, and Peter Gzowski College, and they each offer students a unique experience. Every student at Trent is affiliated with a College which provides them with a close-knit and supportive community where they are given many opportunities to get involved.  Each College provides you with a connection to a community that will last throughout your time at Trent and beyond.    

What do the Colleges Offer? 

The Colleges include Trent University's residences buildings, but also other services, events, academic space and programs as well. Colleges have classrooms, dining halls, study/student spaces, a College Office, Academic Advisors, Academic Skills instructors, and other services such as College Cabinets (student government). These services work together to put on social and academic events, foster connections between students and faculty, and uphold longstanding traditions that are open to all students.  Each College has many strong traditions that both current students and alumni alike both enjoy. 

"The College System has made an incredible impact on my time at Trent University and has ultimately helped shape me into the person I am today. From my very first week as a member of Otonabee College learning OC cheers in Wenjack Theatre, until now, I have felt a connection that has allowed me to discover my passions and be myself. Each college is like a home within the larger Trent community and is there to provide you with resources, a support network and opportunities to get involved. It is through getting involved that I found my home within Otonabee College. I became heavily involved with Orientation Week, Otonabee College Cabinet, and the East vs West Charity Hockey Game. It is because of these experiences that I was able to meet my closest friends, connect to my college and the university, and create memories that I will carry with me far beyond my time at Trent. Each student’s college story is unique to them and that is one of the best parts about what makes a college, a college!"

- Maureen Langabeer, Otonabee College Student/Alumni '16