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A group of students sitting on the lawn in front of Scott House


Contact Us

The College Office

General Inquiries

E-mail: traill@trentu.ca
Phone: 705-748-1011 ext. 1736


Mailing Address

Catharine Parr Traill College
Trent University
310 London Street
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 7P4


Dr. Michael Eamon
Location: Traill College Scott House Room 102.2
Email: michaeleamon@trentu.ca
Telephone: 705-748-1011 ext. 6218

College Assistant

Jessica Becking
Location: Traill College Scott House Room 107.1
Email: jbecking@trentu.ca
Telephone: 705-748-1011 ext. 1736

Academic Advisor

Jackie Orsetto
​Location: Traill College Scott House Room 102.5
Email: jorsetto@trentu.ca

Counselling Services

Karen Searle, MSW, RSW, TIRF, LRSF
Location: Traill College Scott House Room 102.3
Email: karensearle@trentu.ca

Academic Skills

Location: Traill College Scott House Room 106
Email: acdskills@trentu.ca

Residence Life

Residence Life Coordinator

Nida Uz-Zaman
Location: Traill College Wallis Hall 103
Email: nidauzzaman@trentu.ca
Telephone: 705-748-1011 ext. 6176