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Traill College Principal Michael Eamon standing in front of a building at Traill College


College Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Catharine Parr Traill College. Situated beside what was a grand, indigenous portage, this space has been a place of communication and the exchange of goods and ideas for over a millennium. Today, we acknowledge the land and traditions of the Mississauga Anishinaabe and that of their ancestors.

In 1964, Traill became the first all-women’s college in the university. Now fully co-educational, it is beautifully situated on a drumlin just a 5-minute walk from the downtown core of Peterborough. We are happy to continue to be a link between the university and the greater Peterborough community. In 2016, an external review concluded that the College be revitalized and “a new Traill which will embrace collegiate traditions” emerge. I am excited to be a part of this collegiate renaissance and invite you to join us on the journey.

Currently, Traill College is the home to the academic departments of EnglishCultural StudiesMedia StudiesFrench and Francophone Studies, and the School for the Study of Canada. Several graduate programs are also based here including Cultural Studies (PhD), English (Public Texts MA), History (MA) and Theory Culture and Politics (TCP MA).

This year, I am especially excited to welcome the Law and Arts, Law and Business Trent/Swansea Program to Traill College. Working with the Law program and Trent University’s Housing Department the College is offering special extra-curricular experience for all Law students. In addition to all the great humanities departments at Traill, I am happy to call Traill the “law” college as well.

Traill boasts a rich mix of older houses of historic significance that stand alongside modern architectural structures predominately designed by Trent’s Master Planning Architect Ron Thom (1923-1986). Traill is also home to The Trend, a pub and restaurant that has regular operating hours and is open to the public.

Traill has a particular focus on the humanities and culture and hosts many cultural events to which all students and members of the community at large are invited. These include the Writers’ Reading series, open mic nights at The Trend, and many lectures by visiting guests. The Trent University Music Society (TUMS) practices at Traill and the College enjoys partnerships with community groups such as the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra and Public Energy.

This year there are almost 500 undergraduates and over 500 graduate students that are members of the College! Regardless of college affiliation, every Trent student is welcome here as we are conveniently located near Peterborough’s downtown. Traill is also home to Trent University’s Continuing Education program that brings over 200 members of the greater community to our classrooms annually. Again, I invite you to visit Traill, attend one of our special events, or just enjoy a meal at The Trend. You will always find someone around to engage you in lively discussion. Jessica ​Becking, College Assistant, and I hope to see you soon.

Dr Michael Eamon​

Principal, Catharine Parr Traill College
Director, Trent Continuing Education
Co-Chair, Trent Heritage Committee
Adjunct Graduate Professor, Canadian Studies, Cultural Studies, History and Public Texts