Events and Activities

One of the best ways of getting the most from your college experience is by participating in events and activities. Every week there are many options to choose from - some that are specific to your college, and others that are collaborations between the colleges.

This is the best way to get inspired, develop valuable skills and make friends that last a lifetime.  College activities are both social in nature, providing a chance to laugh and relax, and also intellectual, which helps to make connections between what you're learning in your classes and real world situations.

Context about the Colleges

The following documents are provided for context and to help with future planning in the colleges.

Pan-Colleges Programming Fund

The Pan-Colleges Programming Fund is designed to enhance the colegiate experience for undergraduate students affiliated with Colleges at the Peterborough campus of Trent University through a variety of meaningful events and activities.

Submitting a Proposal

Anyone at Trent University can submit a proposal for Pan-Colleges Funding, and are encouraged to think of how their event can enhance the collegiate experience at Trent University.

Before submitting a funding proposal, please read through the entire Pan-Colleges Programming document, and complete the template found on this page.

Pan-College Funding Proposals can be submitted online to or in person to Sam Edgar, Colleges Assistant, in Champlain College Room 206.

Please Note: The Pan-Colleges Programming document is currently under review and will be posted here on Monday, September 25th.


Any questions regarding the Pan-Colleges Programming Fund can be directed to Sam Edgar, Colleges Assistant at or 705-748-1011 x7322.