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Cleantech Commons

Adam Noble of Noble Tech Inc. announces $20-million clean tech algae plant in Peterborough

Cleantech Commons

Future Tenants

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Cleantech Commons will enhance the academic strengths of Trent University, continue the transformation of the region’s economy, offer companies world-class research talent and facilities, and connect the brightest minds at Trent with internship and career opportunities. 


Trent University is a catalyst for community development which will drive economic growth, enhance quality of life and increase our community’s standards of living.


To be Canada’s premier Green Technology research and innovation site hosting a cluster of small to medium sized companies and start-up enterprises.

Our Plan

Trent University and the City of Peterborough will partner in the development of Cleantech Commons on 85 acres of land located on the east bank of Trent’s campus.

Our Goals

Leadership in clean technology, research and innovation
Economic development for the region
Contribution to global sustainability initiatives
Research and analytical service opportunities for Trent labs and faculty
Experiential learning opportunities for students
Career opportunities for Trent graduates

Trent University Research Strengths & Partnership Opportunities 

  • Aquatic sciences, environmental modelling and analytical chemistry; sophisticated micro-environment chambers and wind tunnel 
  • The Trent Water Quality Centre is ranked as one of the top laboratories in the world—19 high-precision Mass Spectrometers
  • The WQC is of the few sites in the world with a Nu Plasma 1700 ICP-MS and a Bruker Solari X-XR
  • Integrated conservation biology, wildlife and agricultural DNA/Genomics/Forensics High throughput, robotic DNA analysis 
  • Bio-based materials and green chemistry research & development (Integrated organic chemistry and materials physics labs) 
  • Agri-sciences research support— DNA & Molecular analysis, soil chemistry and biology, Greenhouse, experimental farm

Future Tenants

The new Cleantech Commons will allow Trent University to embrace the opportunity to collaborate and innovate with industry partners. Future tenants could include:

  • Spin-out and start-up companies from Trent University
  • Spin-in and start-up companies attracted to the research and innovation cluster
  • Environmentally Beneficial, Benign Technology, Services, SMEs
  • Incubator & Accelerator
  • Research and Development sites, labs for large companies
  • Research and Development for SMEs