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Canadian Olympic Committee Internship Leads to Career Gold for Trent Business and Computer Studies Student

Adam Burford’s ultimate work experience combines his love of sports with brand recognition and essential skills

As a skilled volleyball and rugby player competing in Canada and abroad, Adam Burford is passionate about sports, Canada and Olympic values. Poised to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a minor in Computer Studies in December, he recently landed a coveted internship at the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC). It’s proving to be a winning formula.

 “There is a lot of pride in working for the COC which plays a big part in the success of sports in Canada,” states Mr. Burford. “It is also a top-notch business organization and one of the most valuable brands in Canada used to help our athletes on a daily basis. Olympic values are very important to the staff and the athletes, and make people proud to work for such a recognized organization.”

At the COC Mr. Burford organizes partnership contests and tracks metrics/analytics for the organization’s webpage and social media posts. He works on research projects regarding the website’s accessibility and future updates that will provide a successful digital experience for fans.

“I was intrigued by the position at the COC as it opened me up to a different career path,” recalls Mr. Burford. “I have learned a lot about web analytics and user experience. I have seen what it takes to track and run a successful website, and to become a young professional contributing to an organization day-to-day. It has been a rewarding experience.”

Mr. Burford previously completed an internship with the Town of Whitby. Academically, he credits his ability to apply marketing and social media concepts, terminology, technology platforms and relationship building as key to landing the COC internship – an opportunity that is opening more exciting new doors for him.

“Especially for Trent Business students, these internships are vital to long term success, getting your foot in the door and proving you are the right person for the job,” advises Mr. Burford. “Without my experience at the COC, I would not have been able to land my new job in marketing at Sobey’s, which I will also approach with an open mind and a can-do anything attitude.”

Posted on April 30, 2019